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    Default Great Smoky review

    My husband and I just went there. We had a fantastic time INSIDE the park. We saw 10 bears, three adults and 7 cubs after hikking about 1.5 miles away from the main road. The air was fine, I did not get sick at all. I do have to say that the towns just before the park make you feel like you are entering the strip in Vegas for little ones. I was not looking for it so I was a little bit sad.... no wonder people think the air is bad over there ... all those cars all the time...
    Anyhow, I greatly reccomend the park and either camping, or backpacking.
    On the way back to IL, we stopped at Mammoth Cave and took two tours, one at night and the other one in the morning. It is beautiful and fun!

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    Default Well done!

    Welcome back to the site and thanks for the update, glad we could be some help with planning your trip. I'm going to move this thread to the field report section of the site.

    I am interested to hear about the rest of your trip as I am off to the area myself in a couple of weeks.

    What tours did you do at Mammoth Caves? I have booked a place on the 'Historic' tour but, being a little unfit, am concerned at the warnings given by the rangers that it can be somewhat stenuous! Should I be concerned or are they just getting carried away?

    Any other tips for places you enjoyed along the way?

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    Default Strenuous Tours

    Thanks for the field report! I have to say, though, better you than me on the bears. :)

    Um - ok you've met me. I'm not exactly miss fit and trim, especially with the whole breathing issue. Every cave tour I did on my trip was considered extremely strenuous. The only things I balked at were spelunking tours. I even did one that had over 700 steps. The pace was slow enough that I never got even got winded.


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