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  1. Default Car Concerns in hot weather?

    Hey all!
    Ok so I've heard horror stories of cars overheating - especially when the temp is soaring over the 90's and beyond. Traveling in the latter part of August throws up that red flag for me a bit! Is there anything I can do to prepare my car for the torture I'm about to put it though?


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    Default Basic Maintenance

    Quote Originally Posted by Cover Girl View Post
    Ok so I've heard horror stories of cars overheating - especially when the temp is soaring over the 90's and beyond.
    Becca, I live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada where day-time temperatures exceed 100-degrees F for 110+ days each year. It is really is not that big a deal to keep a vehicle properly tuned and ready for the heat. Coolant & oil levels, tire pressure should be checked daily. Here are some more hot season travel tips posted by RoadTrip Advisor Larrison.


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    Default Internal Temps

    When you think about the actual temperatures that are being built up in the engine, the outside temperature would seem cool by comparison.

    A modern car with a properly functioning cooling system really shouldn't have any problems dealing with even triple digit heat.

    Of course the converse is true, if your cooling system is malfunctioning, then its also very possible to overheat your engine when you are driving in the middle of winter.

  4. Default I'm going to add one more here...

    I've got to add one more thing to prep your car for hot weather..

    Pop open the hood and LOOK at the front of the radiator.

    Why? Years ago, our family car started over heating going up grades. We couldn't figure out why.... fluids were good, belts and pumps were fine, etc... But when we went to the mechanic, he pulled out a football sized wad of dog hair. Turns out the family dog liked to sleep under the front of the car.. and his shed fur had collected on the front of the radiator. There was from a 1/4" to a 1/2' thick, loose packed layer of dog fur on the front of the radiator.

    Essentially the radiator was wearing a sweater.. and of course, cooling air had a hard time to get to the radiator fins to cool the engine.

    Once we figured this out, a few minutes with a soft brush and the front of the radiator was clean again, and we never had another problem with engine over heating.

    So... its stupid, but if I'm heading out in hot weather or on a long trip, I always pop the hood (I do it anyway to check the oil and fluids...), and I LOOK at the radiator.....

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    What are you driving?

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    I'm driving a Mazda 6 (04), in pretty decent condition (internally that is! haha..couple dings on the rear bumper...crazy rear enders!). I'm sure it will be fine, as the time gets closer for me to leave, these crazy thoughts keep popping in my head about my car being ok!

    That's so funny about the hair...well funny for the reader, I'm sure not so funny to you and your family!

    Thanks for the tips guys!


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