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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Chicago Tribune's Five Closeby Hotspots to Visit

    This past week, the Tribune published the names of five places their travel writers recommended that are close to Chicago.

    1. Fennville, Michigan- the epicenter of Michigan's growing wine indusrty.

    2. Monroe, Wisconsin- the cheesiest and beeriest place in the cheese and beer state. Home of multiple cheese factories, Swiss Colony, and the Joseph Huber Brewery, and the Cheese-making Center. Definitely visit Baumgartner's.

    3. Spring Green, Wisconsin- home of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesman Estate and the nearby House on the Rock. A little farther away, on US-12, is Dr. Evermore's Forevertron with its scrap metal creations.

    4. Linton, Michigan- great outdoors. Also, Amish and Mennonite food.

    5. Nauvoo, Illinois- one of the first Mormon settlements.

    Sounds Like some Interesting Places to Me. --RoadDog

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    Default Nauvoo Area

    Nauvoo is a nice place to visit. The Great River Road offers many views of the Mississippi River. Keokuk and Fort Madison, Iowa, are across the river from Nauvoo. South of Nauvoo, in Illinois, is the small town of Warsaw. Warsaw has Fort Edwards State Memorial and from the "Point" you can see Missouri and Iowa while standing in Illinois.

    I'd put Joliet, Illinois, on the list. Old buildings, murals, bridges, a national cemetery, old prison, trains, casinos, good restaurants (especially if you like hot dogs), racing, etc.
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    It is indeed a cool trip to Michigans wine areas.
    They are bringing back the very hard to produce, lost art, Ice Wines too.
    Would love to go.

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default I Always Try to Check Out the Local Wineries

    We definitely try to stop and sample and support local wineries. The sheer variety of offerings is staggering. You just never know what kind of a taste you're going to get.

    This past Thursday, we were at the Wisconsin State Fair and they have a wine building with lots of different mon-pop wineries represented.

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