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    Hi Everyone! What a great site. My husband and I are in a quest to get all 50 states - we're both very close. We're thinking of doing a road trip in October. Here's what we want to do -

    1) Fly one way to Portland, OR - spend day or two there
    2) Drive up to Seattle, WA - spend day or two there
    3) Take off from there and hit Idaho, Montana and North Dakota
    4) Fly out of eastern ND (Fargo) or western MN (we live in Boston)

    Our requirements are this: He needs Oregon and Washington, and I need Oregon, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota (incidentally, after the trip all he'll need is Hawaii and I'll need Alabama!)

    Anyway, cost isn't too much of a factor, we have lots of FF points and such. And we have no need to stay in fancy hotels on the road.

    I haven't done the math, but estimate it's about 1750 miles. What I'm really looking for from all you folks is ideas for parts of the trip, must-sees, or don't bothers. We'll just do the usual touristy things in Portland and Seattle (although neither of us are familiar with Oregon).

    Looks like there are some obvious possible routes - Rt 2 all the way from WA, or 90/94. We don't mind looping around a bit.

    We could also flip flop and fly into Seattle and head out from Portland. We're thinking minimum 10 days, max 14 - is 10 pushing it?

    Thanks in advance!
    Pam and Rocky

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you haven't booked your flights or rental car yet, I think that you'll find that using Minneapolis as your eastern terminus will work out a lot better than trying to fly home from some smaller city like Fargo. You should have a far better choice of flights and the rental car drop-off charge should be considerably lower. Just keep it in mind.

    As far as things to see in western Washington and Oregon, I can't give you better advice than to do a search through Judy's posts on those two states. I did a trip through eastern Washington a couple of years back, it's a gorgeous area. As you work your way eastward through Montana, you'll want to take the detour a bit north and go through Glacier National Park on Going to the Sun Road. If you're up for an adventure in wide open spaces, consider crossing eastern Montana on MT-200. Don't expect to see too many people for a few hours, but you will understand why they call this "Big Sky Country". Once in North Dakota, be sure to visit one or both divisions of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. And throughout your journey across these states be on the lookout for reminders and historical sites associated with the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    You can make the drive from Seattle to Minneapolis in as little as three days, so having 6 for this portion of your trip gives you some time to explore. Any extra days you can add would just be a bonus.


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    Default A must do in Washington


    My husband and I are currently on the road in week two of our five week cross country road trip, and we are in Washington right now!

    We were going to take route 2 from Spokane to Seattle, but a friendly native told us to take route 20, which is a little more north, to drive through the North Cascade National Park. It was a decision we will never regret, it is some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen! The turquoise colored Lake Diablo is absolutely gorgeous nestled in between ice-capped mountains.

    It was a long drive for us coming from Spokane, but if you are going to be driving from Seattle it's maybe an hour or two to get there?

    Have fun!

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    Wow, thanks for the quick and great responses! Duh, I'm a frequent flier and hadn't thought of the Fargo vs. Minneapolis angle and that's a great point. Probably much nicer to take a direct flight home from Minny rather than have a layover from Fargo as well. Thanks! And will definitely look into the alternative route through N WA as well. Keep the ideas coming! Anything interesting to do or see in October? For example, a can't miss festival or sporting event? A cool lodge somewhere to stay?

    Thanks again, I'm getting so excited!

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    I may have to start a new thread if this one gets lost too far back, but, I'd love some ideas for Portland, OR. Also, what is the best way to do the Portland to Seattle trip? Obvious is the interstate connecting the two, but any good side trips? TIA!!

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    Default Portland & Seattle

    Quote Originally Posted by pamandrocky View Post
    I may have to start a new thread if this one gets lost too far back,
    Not a good idea -- it would just get merged back here anyway....
    but, I'd love some ideas for Portland, OR. Also, what is the best way to do the Portland to Seattle trip?
    Here are some trip suggestions for you:

    Seattle and Portland
    Olympic Peninsula and area (read all of thread)


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