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    Default Ft Stockton Gas station trick

    Hey everyone,

    If you ever go through the town of Ft. Stockton, Texas, be aware that some gas station on US285 is playing tricks on their customers. Much to my surprise, before I began fueling, there was already 0,04$ on the pump! I've tried to reset it in vain. I put gas anyway and asked the clerk in the store about it. He didn't even answer me. I asked him again. He said he's not the one who makes decisions. 4 cents is not much alright, but think of how many gas buyers go through there during a week... It probably happened to me more than once, but I just didn't notice. I'll be more attentive now.

    Happy trails everyone!

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    How rude! :o Is there the equivalent of our Trading Standards Institute over there that you can report them to? Over here in the UK they'd receive a heavy fine for naughties like that.

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    Default Each state maintains an enforcement bureau

    Quote Originally Posted by UKCraig View Post
    Over here in the UK they'd receive a heavy fine for naughties like that.
    On every single fuel pump in America is a toll-free number that consumers can call if they detect any sort of fraud -- the fines for such behavior can be EXTREME and so this doesn't happen very often.


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    Default Many state departments

    Yes, Craig. Here in the States there are several departments for each state, such as the Attorney General, Department of Weights and Measures, and even some states have a Consumer Protection Board. Heck, even County Sheriffs in some locations would shut down an operation for price gouging like that.


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    Default Good!

    I am sure glad to hear that there are officials out there looking after the interests of the motorist. I hope that these people get their comeuppance soon! As Gen says, it may only be 4 cents, but how many customers do they get a year? Could pay for a very nice holiday for the owner and his family!

  6. Default Should be weights & measures agency..

    There should be a weights and measures agency in the state who whom the station can be reported.

    Here, they go through at least once a year and do an inspection that a gas station isn't short changing the customer -- they randomly check to see that gas pumps put out the right amount of gas in volume for price. They also check grocery store scales, for example, to see if they are calibrated right.

    If you look at a gas pump, sometimes you see an inspection sticker that the pump was inspected on XXX date by the state department of weights and measures.

    Here's the California State Division of Measurement standards website, and it has a "file a complaint" button...

    Here's the Texas one, I believe.. website for filing a complaint about a fuel station. You can call it in, or there is a contact email on the contacts page. Interestingly enough, it appears this is in the Texas Department of Agriculture....

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    Default Report them!

    Glad to hear there is someone looking after us motorists!

    You should definatwly report them, Gen.

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    Default I will...

    report them, as soon as I find my receipt and get the name and address of the gas station. Thanks for the info Larrison.


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