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    Hello everyone, I just joined and began reading the great info on this site. I'm a 32 year old, single male living in Las Vegas and I'm looking to get away from this crazy place for 5 days. I'm off work Sunday, Aug 19th through Thurs, Aug 23rd. This is going to be a solo trip, just looking to relax, see some new places and get away from all of the chaos of this city.

    I have never just left on a road trip before so I am seeking advice in every aspect. I don't have a destination yet although California seems to be a likely spot. Can anyone here suguest some spots, and things to do there? or somewhere else? I don't plan on camping, since I have no gear nor experience and I'm physically not able at this time due to a spinal surgery I had in April.

    I've personally had a hell of a bad year and a half, and really need a relaxing, interesting, fresh little trip by myself, and any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    A place contrasting to Las Vegas might be Monterey Bay, Calif.
    Cool, relaxing, some reasonable priced lodging, a things to see place to visit not too strenuous on the the back.

    We like relaxing with a glass of wine in the motel spa, a visit to the excellent aquarium, and a drive.

    Fits into a few day trip nicely.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the forum, Seven, and sorry to hear you've not been having such a great time of it recently. I think that you'll really benefit from 'getting away from it all' on a roadtrip for a few days. In my view there's nothing that cheers me up more than fantastic scenery a you're in a fabulous part of the country for that. There are so many national parks and scenic drives within easy driving distance of you that whichever direction you head you are in for a treat.

    Before we make any suggestions I wonder if you could tell us a little more about your intended trip? What exactly do you want from it? DO you want to spend a day driving to a destination and then spend a couple of days sitting there chilling out? Or four days of hopping between a number of destinations? Where have you been in the area that you enjoyed visting? What are your other interests?

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    Default Sherman Pass Road or Old Nevada?

    Quote Originally Posted by Seven View Post in Las Vegas and I'm looking to get away from this crazy place for 5 days....and get away from all of the chaos of this city.
    Hmmm, it shouldn't be that tough... We chose LV as corporate HQ because of the small town feel with big city services -- but in any case, I have two possible routes for you. But I know that sometimes personal challenges can make even the most laid-back of places look pretty tough.

    First would be this route -- which I call the "Old Nevada" and the second would be to drive the Sherman Pass road and stay at one of the riverside lodges of the Kern River. Here is a post that addresses that route a bit


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    Thanks for all your replys. Well, ukcraig i'm really just looking to get away from here and relax and I am open to anything. I only have 4 days but I enjoy driving, so I wouldn't mind seeing multiple destinations.

    Living in Las Vegas and working in the gaming industry is very hard to get time off. Usually when I do I fly to Chicago to visit family and friends so I really don't have many interests on the road from experience, but I enjoy nature and National parks would be nice. I'm really open to anything, but just have no experience, and this site has been wonderful. I have been to San Diego and L.A. before, but I don't really want to be aroung the big citys. Need some peace and quite.

    Vegas is such a great vacation destination, but can be a hard place to live especially if your looking for a good partner. I've had a serious surgery in April, and a four year relationship end when I caught my ex using cocaine, and I'm on the verge of loosing my mind. So what am I looking for? A beautiful place or places that are quiet, interesting and relaxing. I will be going alone so just looking to enjoy a couple days, while escaping from this evil city that I both love and hate. Thanks again to all of you for your help.

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    Default Cool or hot


    We considered moving to Palm Springs at one point in our lives, but decided we're rather visit. It is hot there, but you don't seem to mind that, living in LV. What we liked is the layed back atmosphere - small town feel, nice parks, relaxed shopping district downtown, and if you want to go out for the evening, there is quite a bit to do. The best part is that now is their off season so lodging should be cheap and availabe.

    An alternative for cooler weather might be Prescott, AZ. It is a nice, historic town in a wooded area with a beautiful lake nearby.

    I like the idea of Monterey, but it is a bit of a drive, maybe you could just head for the coast near Santa Monica, head north and stop wherever suits your fancy, and if you want to continue on, fine, if not, fine.

    The national parks might work, but you will probably need to make reservations. The lodge on the north rim of the Grand Canyon is wonderful, as are the lodges in Zion and Bryce, if you can get in.

    Good luck, and get well,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

  7. Default Another suggestion..

    Hmm.. just as a random suggestion, I'll throw out ...

    Mammoth Lakes area, on the east side of the Sierras. Beautiful mountain country, a fair number of hotels and restaurants (since its a major ski area in the winter), and lots of hiking trails (from easy to more challenging), lakes, beautiful mountain scenery and what not. Weather there is pretty nice in the summers. And it's roughly a day's drive from Las Vegas, so you won't kill yourself on long drives -- but enough of a drive to know you're no longer where you used to be. Go there, plan on sitting by a lake and contemplating, or taking an easy-paced walk into the mountains, and then have some good food in town each night.

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    Default It's hard to narrow it down still

    There really is so much to do within an easy drive of base that it's still hard to make definate suggestions! Maybe you can have a look at the National Parks Service website to see if anything takes your fancy. If you went with the Mammoth Lakes idea you could easily add Death Valley and Yosemite, both of which can be easily toured by car. But, my preferred park would be Zion which you can explore at your leisure on the free shuttle bus...

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    First, I want to thank everyone for your suggestions and help, it is much appreciated.

    After doing some research and reading, a place with a nice lake and peace and quite is what I'm really starting to want. The Mammoth lakes seems like a nice place, although it can be a bit chilly from what I've read. I'm really considering this destination and am curious how the drive is since it's around 8,000 feet above sea level, is it a tough drive up mountains? Also, could anyone suggest a destination with a nice lake and trails that may be a bit warmer? You guys are great, thank you.

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    Default There is no "lake" at Mammoth Lakes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Seven View Post
    After doing some research and reading, a place with a nice lake and peace and quite is what I'm really starting to want.
    Mammoth Lakes is the name of a city that is most famous for the Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort. There aren't any lakes that you can drive to... (at least I have never seen any). The June Lakes loop, on the other hand has three lakes (June Lake, Silver Lake and Grant Lake) and all have a variety of motels and lodges that would work for you. This time of year, it is quite lovely -- day time highs in the mid-70s and night time lows in the mid-40s. Here is a drive that I highly recommend -- you can stay overnight in Bishop, another nice town and then head to June Lakes.
    Also, could anyone suggest a destination with a nice lake and trails that may be a bit warmer?
    But I still think you ought to consider Lake Isabella and the lodges along the Kern River. I mentioned this option in my first post in this thread above. If you don't feel like taking the mountain road (Kennedy Meadows Road) than you can easily reach Lake Isabella in about four hours from Las Vegas by taking I-15 to CA-58 to CA-14 to CA-178 and then Sierra Way north to one of the lodges. For my money -- I still think you will find the tranquility of McNallys Fairview Lodge (about 15 miles north of Kernville) your best option. Plus the steakhouse there has the best beef for miles around. I have always loved their slogan: "We do not Guarantee Steaks Cooked Past Medium" -- my kind of place -- a reverence for proper cooking temperatures for beef.... Also, (and I have never ordered this) -- the pride and joy of this steakhouse is called "The Logger" a 40-oz porterhouse.... (if you go, be sure to say howdy to the official hosts: Craig, Terry & Carol)

    McNallys is not fancy -- very rustic. If you want a little more upscale -- I have stayed in the cabins at the Whispering Pines Lodge (the owner fixes the breakfasts -- they are superb)

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