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  1. Default Driving from NJ-WDW - NEED HELP!

    We are driving to All-Star Music from the garden state (north/east part of NJ). We (my DG and I) wanted to know where is the best place to stop off of I-95 to rest our tired heads for the night? I hear it is an ~20 hour trip sooo if NOT tired we will forge ahead to WDW and stay one night in Orlando…. But I think, and for safety reasons we should stop a little north on I-95. Sooo… if that is the case where is the best reasonably priced (nothing fancy-prefer cheap-super 8, etc) place to stop and rest for the night.

    We want to pull into All-Star music (WDW) around 3pm and we want to be well rested because we will be going to EPCOT that night for the food and wine festival.

    Thank you for any information.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You are right that this will be about a 20 hour trip, and its not something you'll want to do in one day if you want to be anything close to rested during your trip.

    I'd probably shoot for about Florence, South Carolina for your stop over. That will give you about 12 hours on the road the first day, and then 8 hours for day two. Those are rough estimates, figuring average traffic on this busy corridor, your first day would be longer if you run into heavy traffic.

    I don't think I would try to push much farther than that on day one, since being well rested is important. The fact is driving 1000 miles in a day and a half is going to be fairly tiring, so if being well rested is very important to you, I'd at least consider leaving a day earlier and getting to Orlando the night before you've got specific plans.

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