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    My family & I are moving from Southern California to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. We plan on taking the I-40 out there. Any suggestions?
    We need info on cheap over night stays- motels, rest stops or campsites, road conditions, and any trouble stops. Because of our trailer we won't be going much faster that 55mph so we figuire it will take three days. We have two young kids so we are factoring that in too.
    Any help would be great!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Firstly, I'm not sure exactly where you are moving from so I based my thoughts on the journey on the basis you were based in the LA area. The trip from LA to Tarlequah is in the region of 1500 miles which, at a maximum of 55mph, is going to make for three long days of driving for the kids to cope with. Is it possible to add another day to the journey and then break it up a little so they don't have so long in the car? If I'm honest I get a little ratty after about 1000 miles. And, I'm 33!

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    We probably can stretch it out if needed. We did 900 mile oneway trip last summer in one day. My husband & I used to be a long haul truck drivers so we're used to driving nonstop for 10 or 12 hours straight through. We plan on just planning to stop when we need to.

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    Default I-40

    As with any other interstate it has a lot of stopping places. I've never had problems finding a hotel or a place to eat, etc when driving along an interstate.

    I can't think of any potential hazards along the way, unless you're driving in winter and a snow or ice storm comes along. Just be prepared to not be popular driving at 55 mph along the interstate. I know it can't be helped, but...


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    If you're both used to the miles then it's not down to me to try to teach you to suck eggs! You will also know your own kids better than anyone so only you can really know if you should take three or four days. I am sure you will reach the right decision.

    When it comes to accomodation, when I'm on a budget, I will try first to find a reasonably well equipped campsite. If I can't, or if the weather is poor, I will look next for a cheap roadside motel such as a Super 8 or Motel 6. I tend not to book them in advance which may or may not suit your plans.

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