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  1. Default Southwest Road Trip Help!

    I am flying to Vegas on August 3rd, road tripping, and then flying back out of Vegas on August 15th. I'm renting a car with unlimited miles and want to see as much as possible.

    I'm trying to have some vague organization to it, just so we're not back tracking and organizing our miles in a somewhat efficient manner. The only planned destination is that I need to be in San Diego on August 11th.

    Some things we are interested in are Roswell, NM, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Hollywood, and that's what we have set in stone right now. Any ideas? Has anyone done this before that has any recommendations?

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the site, CTStalker.

    You are in luck, that area of the country is right up there at the top of the list of destinations discussed on this very forum. The best suggestion would be for you to have a read of as many of the previous threads as you can and see if anything in particular takes your fancy as, right now, it's possibly a little vague. Start with the 'similar threads' suggestions below and then move on to the forum search facility to the left of this page.

    Just a very rough idea - I don't know how long you plan to stay in the various places - but your route might look something like this:

    Las Vegas - Death Valley - Tioga Pass - Yosemite - San Francisco - Pacific Coast Highway - LA/Hollywood - San Diego - Lake Havasu - Route 66 - Flagstaff - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas.

    Roswell is a long way from the most direct route but, if it's definately somewhere that you want to hit, it might be possible to work it in to your trip. However, if I'm honest, you're gonna be reasonably busy just with the suggestions above!

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Potential Roadtrip Plan

    This maybe to late for you, but just in case...

    Get Death Valley out of the way using Las Vegas as a hub (i.e. Las Vegas to Death Valley back to Las Vegas).

    Las Vegas to Roswell...
    From Las Vegas, go south to Kingman and use Route 66 east to Seligman. Continue I-40 east to Williams and go straight north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Head east on AZ Hwy-64 and then south on US Hwy-89 to Flagstaff.
    This stretch of US Hwy-89 allows visits to Wupatki and Sunset Crater National Monuments. Flagstaff is a fun town that is home to the Lowell Observatory. Head east on I-40. Walnut Canyon Natl. Mon. is just a few miles east of Flagstaff. Drive Route 66 through Winslow and visit the Standin' On the Corner park. Continue east on I-40 to the northern entrance to the Petrified Forest Natl. Park. Drive south through the park to US Hwy-180 and head east (southeast) to AZ Hwy-61 and go south to US Hwy-60. Go east on US Hwy-60 (it's a scenic drive and the Very Large Array is worth a visit). At Socorro, go east on US Hwy-380 to I-70 and continue east to Roswell.

    Roswell to San Diego...
    I-70 west to Alamogordo to White Sand Dunes Natl. Mon. I-70 west to I-10. Take I-10 west to Tucson. Be sure to stop and see The Thing. When it Tucson, visit the Saguaro. Take AZ Hwy-88 west out of Tucson and detour south to visit Organ Pipe Cactus Natl. Mon. Head north on AZ Hwy-88 to I-8 and go west. I like the Yuma Territorial Prison. Continue I-8 west. West of Yuma, in California, is the Imperial Sand Dunes. Use I-8 to get to San Diego by August 11th.

    San Diego to Las Vegas via Hollywood...
    Drive from San Diego to LA. Exit LA heading east on I-10. Drive north through the Joshua Tree Natl. Park to Twentynine Palms. Continue north through the Mojave Natl. Preserve and hike Kelso Dunes. Use I-15 to return to Las Vegas.

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