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  1. Default Move-Baseball Trip-Coast to Coast-Solo-84 Hrs

    Ok I am moving for to Conn for 6 months with the goal of building a new division at my companies HQ, and am leaving from Los Angeles on Sat.

    I have 11 days now (Mixed some play time in-Baseball trip) and a new Nissan Murano which can carry a lot, beats the 1997 saturn I was driving that couldnt go over 55 on a hill or 75 on the hwy. Only valubles I am taking are paperwork, a tv,video game system and and clothes. Here is the plan

    Day 1 (LA to Utah) Leave when done packing up betweem 8-11 am not sure how long the last part will take till I hit the road, stopping on the Pearblossom HWY (Oh its been years but the fruit/shake place the name I am blanking on) then to Bun Boy for lunch if I leave late. Then Vegas for a few hrs (Either lunch/early aft gaming or late aft gaming and an early dinner) Then off as far into utah as my body can handle since it will be a long day.

    Day 1 ending Day 2 start.

    Am I better off just staying in Vegas then get up at 6am for buffet breakfast and a LONG ride to Denver in one shot for day#2 vs being closer to Denver for day 2?

    Seems like a killer shot Vegas to Denver for someone whos never driven solo further than LA to Vegas after moving in the AM?

    I have Sun and Monday reservations so I can sleep in Monday but I want to explore Denver. Going to the Rockies game 19 rows behing homeplate. Also thanks to priceline-$111 a night for rooms going for $289 on expedia-not all nights will be like this in price but I wanted a nice place and I have some free days)

    Day 3 Explore Denver/Baseball game.

    Day 4 Denver to KC,MO. Den to KC-Can I do that and then make a 7pm game. The best pitcher in Baseball Johan Santana is pitching Tuesday, and would rather make that game that night, What time would I have to leave if driving from Den to KC to get to KC with just a few brief stops for food/gas/stretches to get there by 5-6pm to check into hotel? (Free night at Harrah's...I love player's clubs, I played in the WSOP 2 years in a row with small online buyins and Harrah's thinks I am some highroller because they make you enter yourself with cash so I get free rooms.) So I could get 2 free nights and just sleep when I arrive in KC and explore on Wed then a game that day instead.

    Days 5-9 is where nothing is set. Either Explore KC if I see the Day 4 game, and have a short drive to STL 4-5 hrs for Day 5? Then see a game in Stl or if Day 5 in Stl, then Day 6 I can hit Cincy spend the night, then see fa game on Day 7, then to cleveland Day 8 arrive late at night to spend Sat night and Sunday at Gma's pad for free. Oh Sun Yanks vs Indians day game, Day 9.

    Or Day 5 wakeup after early night, see the game in KC on Day 5, Day 6 go to Stl see game that night, then head up Friday from Stl to Cleveland spend Fri-Sun at Gma's. One less game and skip cincy, but then I can see the Browns Exhibition Ftb game Sat and Indians Sun (Or skip the ftb game Sat and spend fri in Kentucky and drive to Cle on that Sat)

    Day 10 Breakfast with Gma-then short trip 3 hrs? To Pitts to See Barry Bonds (Hopefully still trying to tie/break the record) in a Double Header in Pitts.

    Day 11 Pitts to Wilton CT (long last leg)

    I guess I am looking for

    #1 Vegas to Denver vs Going as far into Utah then to Denver Day 2 since I have Day 3 non driving.
    #2 things to do in Denver on a Monday Day, resturaunts near Downtown 16th street mall
    #3 What time to leave Denver to get to KC by 5-6pm and if it is doable.
    #4 Things to Do in KC/St Louis
    #5 Is Cincy worth seeing?
    #6 Perhaps Skip Cincy and go to Kentucky and see some ponies on that Friday?
    #7 Is this all crazy without things nailed down and 84 hrs or so to go and mixed with a move solo?

    Thanks for any input (Denver and Pitts and Cleveland that Sunday are the only fixed things)

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    Default Take two

    I would recommend taking two days to get to Denver. It's a long hike from Vegas, too far for a single day, especially if you've never done a long solo trip before. Take your time and enjoy the distance in between the two.

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    Well ya can't go wrong taking in a ball game Coors Field. What a teriffic place.

    Charlie Browns may be the shake place you mention. Still going strong.
    Not much change in the town of Pearblossom, it's still the same place it was 30 years ago.

    Pearblossom Hy. has been going through some well needed renovations, wide-ning and banking.

    We've started using it again for our 'Vegas runs.
    Ditto on Tims take, give yourself a litle more time for the 'Vegas to Denver leg.

    IOHO's we'd take Cincy over the ponies in Ky.

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    Default a good kind of crazy

    Quote Originally Posted by LAtoCT10days View Post
    #1 Vegas to Denver vs Going as far into Utah then to Denver Day 2 since I have Day 3 non driving.
    Perhaps you could split the difference. Aim to stay in Mesquite, the little gambling oasis close to the Arizona border. You should be able to find a cheap breakfast at one of the casinos there too!

    #3 What time to leave Denver to get to KC by 5-6pm and if it is doable.
    That's going to be very tough. The trip is deceptively long, plus the stadium complex is on the east side of KC, and hitting rush hour traffic would only add to the challenge.

    During my last x-country move, I too was aiming to see a concert in KC the day after having dinner in Denver. I spent the night in a smaller CO town about 2 hours east of Denver, and I still just barely made it in time for a concert that started around 8 or 9

    #5 Is Cincy worth seeing?
    I really like Cincy, and Great American Ballpark is one of my favorites of the newer ballparks that have popped up in the last decade or so.

    #7 Is this all crazy without things nailed down and 84 hrs or so to go and mixed with a move solo?
    Crazy, maybe. But its a good kind of crazy - have fun!

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    Default Denver to KC


    Fun trip with lots of good baseball parks along the way.

    The drive from Denver to KC is right at 600 miles, or 10 hours if you stop once for gas and food. The warning about the Royals Stadium being on the east side of town is right, as is the concern about rush hour (traffic will be heading west to east like you). So, I'd allow 12 hours for the trip, and you might still miss the first inning.

    Good luck,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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