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    Default June 2007 Shenandoah

    Here's the summary of the costs for our 2007 trip to Virginia:

    Lodging: $230.20
    Food: 385.33
    Fuel: 208.22
    Fun: 139.50
    Other: 80.96
    Total: $1044.21

    Lodging: 22.05%
    Food: 36.90%
    Fuel: 19.94%
    Fun: 13.36%
    Other: 7.75%

    Total miles traveled: ~1680

    Fuel - least expensive $3.04/gallon, Sheetz, Staunton, VA
    - most expensive $3.33/gallon, Shell, Lenhartsville, PA

    We stayed at the same location for the entire trip, so no high/low on lodging. MPG seems to be around 25mpg, decent for the spirited driving on this trip.

    I have accounted the food costs a little differently than in the past; this new accounting should give more accurate figures (I am now including pre-trip purchases, in the past I haven't always done that).
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