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    We are planning to drive from San Diego to Kansas in Mid-August.We have a car problem and dont want to do steep altitudes.
    We want to stop by Grand Canyon on the way which means that we might have to take highway 89 to reach I-15 and then I-70.Is there another route to reach I-15? We want to see Utah part of I-70 too and that why insisting on reaching I-15:)
    Want to know if US-89 is very mountainous and can heat up the car engine too quickly?
    And what are the places to stop by and see in Utah and Colorado?
    Thanks in advance.

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    By law, the Interstates can have no more than a 6% grade, so if climbing steep grades is going to present a problem, then you should stick with them. I'd also tend to stay with I-40 rather than take I-70 through the heart of the Rockies. As you probably know, there is a fairly long and steady climb on I-8 east out of San Diego, so you'll probably also want to take I-15 up to Barstow to get on I-40. US-89 is not a particularly hilly road, nor are AZ-64 or US-180 which all together make a nice loop off I-40 and up through Grand Canyon National Park. Once you're out on the plains, you should be fine and you can use US-54 from Tucumcari, NM to head on up into Kansas, The other advantage to stying on the Interstates for the most part is the availability of mechanics and the high probability of being in range of cell phone service. But actually, you're best bet is to have the car repaired and in road worthy condition before you set out on such a long drive.


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    Thanks AZBuck.

    We did have trouble on I-8 while on our way to San diego from Kansas.Since we did take the US_54 and I-40 route while coming to SD, we wanted to take I-70 as we've read that its absolutely amazing.But now we have to think twice about it.
    The car problem we are having is quite unique and the mechanics are not able to identify the cause of it.
    Anyways thank you so much for the suggestion.

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    If I-8 out of San Diego was a problem, then you won't make it across Colorado on I-70. The drive from Vail to the top of Vail Pass isn't particularly steep, but it is long. Then the drive from Dillon up to the Eisenhower Tunnel under Loveland Pass is about the same. I've seen lots of overheated cars on both slopes.

    Sounds like you need a second opinion on your car. It can't be that hard to diagnose.

    Good luck, and have fun at the Grand Canyon.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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