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  1. Default from Detroit, MI to Tuscon, AZ

    Well my brother is moving out to Tucson, AZ and I will be driving with him out there with his car and a UHaul. We'll be heading through Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, Colorado Springs and Flagstaff. We'll be taking I-94 to I-80, then south to I-70 then down through Colorado Springs, over and down through Durango, then south through Flagstaff and then south to our destination of Tucson.

    We want to make this road trip as fun as possible, we hope to complete it in 3 days. We wanna know if there are any things worth stopping for on our road trip. It can be stupid or great. Something like the world's largest corn silo would be something we would stop at. Any suggestions are welcome. Help us!

    Edit: I've been reading around and I've seen that people think I-80 is the boring way to go, so we might take I-70 all the way across, through Kansas.
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    Default A cool website is...

    Have a look at this site for the more weird and wacky destinations:

    Road Side America

    Good luck!

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    Default No Time for Weird or Wacky

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Detroit to nTucson by the route you've outlined is over 2150 miles. Trying to cover over 700 miles a day while pulling a U-Haul not will leave you any time for 'fun'. In fact, I'd be surprised if you can pull this off at all, even with two drivers. Plan on making the trip first and only worry about fun places to stop after you've actually put down some serious miles and can see that you have time to spare. I'm guessing you won't


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    Default Along those same lines

    First of all, there are differences between I-70 and I-80, but to put it simply. I don't know of anyone who thinks Nebraska is boring, while at the same time calls Kansas wildly exciting. There are differences between the two, but at the very core, you are driving through the field of the plains in either case.

    Now, there is a small problem with the route you originally laid out, if you take I-80 out to Colorado, there wouldn't be any place where you'd be taking I-70 if you want to go all the way south to Colorado Springs.

    But probably the most important thing is that the places you've listed don't take you on anywhere near a direct route, which would take you through St. Louis and Oklahoma City, before cutting down to I-10 via I-25 in New Mexico.

    A direct route isn't always important, but you have to balance time and distance. If you really want to drive through Colorado Springs, Durango, and Flagstaff, that's great, but then I don't think you should try to do this trip in just 3 days. If getting this trip done in just 3 days is the most important thing, then I think you should focus on staying on a more direct route.

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    well my cousin and her friend made it from Tucson to Chicago in 2 days. A little ambitious by them, I know. Even if we are pulling a U Haul I think we can make it in 3 days, even if we allow for 4-5 stops along the way. Is almost 2,400 miles in 3 days too rediculous for a 20 and 23 yr old?

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    Default you're asking for advice...

    I get the feeling that your going to do what you want to do not matter what we recommend, but I think our advice pretty much stands.

    800 miles per day for 3 days is not an enjoyable experience. Under ideal conditions thats more than 14 hours on the road each day, and you won't be driving in anything close to ideal conditions. You'll be pulling a trailer which will force you to drive at a slower speed, plus your trip will take you over some 2 lane mountain passes which will add even more time to your trip. Considering those conditions, I'd say you'd be doing good if you can cover your miles in under 16 hours per day - and that's before you make any stops beyond just the basic quick stops for fuel and the like.

    I've driven 800+ mile days, and I'm also in my 20's, and I can tell you that covering that distance over a 1 day sprint isn't the end of the world, but its not something I'd try over multiple days unless I absolutely had to - and I certainly wouldn't be thinking about scenic detours if that was the case.

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    well i do take all the comments into consideration, and i think we may skip any side stops given your advice.

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    Ouch. I am a professional driver and even I bulk at the thought of 800 miles in a day. 2200 in three days would drive me mad! I think you're wise to rethink the plan. Is there any way you can add a day or two to the trip?

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    ya, we may end up adding a day or just driving straight with no side stops.

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