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  1. Default 7+ Day roadtrip in January (11th-?)

    This winter I'm going to take advantage of Lee/Jackson Day and Martin L. King Day by using that 4 day weekend(govt holidays) and taking a few more days off after to go on a roadtrip. I've done over 3000 miles in less than a week before, with leisurly stops and lots of snowboarding but minimal sleep so there's really no limit to what I can do this long break in the winter if i just drive. The only difference between my last roadtrip and this one is now I don't have 4wd so that is going to slightly limit where I can go in winter. The last LeeJackson/MLK weekend roadtrip I took was to canada and vermont and back but that was with 4wd and 14mpg in my yukon, now it will be high 40/low 50mpg's and fwd in my honda so i'm going to have to stay central/south and avoid icey/snowy conditions. Any suggestions? I live in the mountains of Va and am willing to go anywhere or see anything as long as it's new and scenic. I don't think I can get enough time off to go x-country at least not enough time to enjoy it, so it'll have to be somewhat midwesternized and let me get home in around maybe 5-10 days max. Suggestions? I've already traveled from Maine to Florida and most of the places in between so the east coast I'd like to stay away from, but I've never been past the Mississippi and have no idea what to see once I cross the river, and that's the direction I'd prefer to go

    I prefer driving from Sun-up to Sun-down to enjoy the views, night driving doesn't really do it for me and I would rather use that to catch up on food and sleep and getting to know the local area im staying in that night, so for most places in january I can drive from 6am-6pm and get 12 hours of daylight in. If you factor in stops and thats about 8-10 hrs a day of daylight driving, or roughly 4-500+- miles/day of casual easy driving at 55-60mph with no rushing and stops along the way during sunlight. If I were to take 7days off I could do a 3000 mile round trip with plenty of stops during the day, but I am willing to drive during the night and extend that 3,000 mile trip to much more if it means I could see something great.

    I'm really just looking for suggestions for a week-ish trip in January that I'll be able to handle in a 2wd/fwd car. Money isn't so much the issue as is time because I always pack my food and drink and limit sleeping expenses as much as possible.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated


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    Default Mississippi and the Ozarks

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Given the places you've already seen and your time constraints, I'd recommend a trip along the Great River Road and the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. There's a ton of stuff to see and do including some mountains, some plains, some history, some very scenic roads, and a region you haven't spent a lot of time in. If you can go a bit farther afield, you can include cowboy (Texas) and Indian (Oklahoma) country.


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    Today I saw an ad for the Bass Pro Shops in Branson, MO and decided that could be a cool place to see, I wouldn't "think" the winters would be as bad as Canada/Vermont on my last trip, and It would be somewhere I don't think I'd ever visit for an extended stay so whynot just drive through and use it as my destination? What is the great river road? Sounds interesting

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    Default Great River Road

    This post explains the Great River Road (a National Scenic Byway) and has links to the sections that will be in the general vicinity of your proposed trip.


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