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  1. Default Need advice on road trip from Vancouver to San Francisco

    My husband and I will be visiting friends in Vancouver August 8-12 and decided to drive down to San Francisco after that. We plan to take the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles, WA. From there we will rent a car and drive to SF, taking five days to make the drive. We will stop one day in Seattle, and one night in Portland. We would like to take the scenic coastal road. Does anyone have advice as to the high points to see along the way and really nice inns to stay in? Thanks. Marina

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    Default Pacific Northwest Primer

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We have a regular contributor, Judy from the Pacific Northwest, who has written extensively on the treasures to be found along the Washington and Oregon coasts. I can't do better than to point you to a few of her recent great posts:

    Great trip ahead!
    Oregon - Cannon Beach to Newport
    Sure, there's enough for 2 months
    Awesome trip!


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the site. I've not yet visited that area (plan to do so next June -- can't wait!) Anyway, don't know if it's your idea of fun, but you might like to take a tour of the Boeing factory

  4. Default Vancouver to SF

    Thank you, craig, the links you gave me are very helpful and basically answer my question. This website has been very helpfu. Marina

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    Think you meant to thank AZBuck, but I'll take the credit on his behalf :p

    Hope you have a good time and it'll be great if you can find a couple of moments, once you get back, to let us know how it went and to fill us in on any fun places you found along your route.

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