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    i am planning a last minute roadtrip trip for 7 days with following itinerary (leaving tomorrow or the day after.)

    jackson hole (would you recommend i-90 via couer d'alene/montana or i-84 via boise?)
    yellowstone (old faithful, norris geyser, mammoth hot springs)
    banff/glacier np (would you recommend -15 or 1-93?)
    seattle (back via vancouver)

    has anyone done a similar trip before? any other suggestions/comments appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The difference in the two routes between Seattle and Jackson is only about 5 miles out of nearly 900, so I'd choose largely on which is the more scenic and/or enjoyable. For most people that would be I-90, but you are going to be covering much of that ground again in your leg from Jackson up to Banff, so in your case, I'd make an exception and say that you should use I-84 via Boise and enjoy the Snake River Valley through southern Idaho. If you go this way and feel you have the time, look into driving into Hell's Canyon and/or Bruneau Canyon.

    From Yellowstone to Banff, I'd use US-191/US-281/US-12(west) to Helena and then I-15/AB-4/AB-3/AB-519/AB-2 to Calgary. I'm not sure what you mean by I-93, which is in New Hampshire. There are more scenic routes including side trips into Glacier National Park, but with 'only' 7 days, something's got to give.

    The trip back to Vancouver from Banff is one of the most spectacular drives around and you'll have a great time. Depending on where you're ending up in Seattle, you might also want to consider finishing your trip with a restful ferry ride home from Vancouver.


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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    had a typo - I meant US-93 in Montana, not I-93.

    we are going to follow your recommendations, but in reverse (better weather in banff/calgary earlier in the week and I am hoping they have fires under control in montana before mid-week.)


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