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  1. Default up-coming trip what would you do?

    Please cast your eye over our road trip and see if theres anything you would do along the way or maybe change for a better trip.

    Our plans are to hire a car from LAX and then drive to

    The beaches area - Lagunna/Newport
    La Jolla
    Palm Springs
    Joshua Tree NP
    Lake Havasu City
    Grand Canyon
    Kingman - LV Area
    Death Valley
    Kings Canyon
    Sequoia NP
    LA Area

    Ive had my guide/route/map books out for weeks now and read many post over the net, however i dont think you can beat recommendations from people who know or have been to the area.

    Would be very gratefull if you can point us in the right direction of places/things to do, places to stay. we have 15 days all in for this trip

    Maybe pick one place such as Joshua Tree and tell us what we must do or see to get the most out of the place.

    thanks all
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    how many days are you going to be on this trip?

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    In LA Jolla/SAn Diego area, I would follow the route for the 59 mile scenic drive in that area. We went on it in January and it took us to beautiful beaches and places we probably would not have seen on our own. I highly recommend it and if you don't stop and get out of the car often (hard not to) it can be done fairly quickly. I think that is the easiest way to see the most beautiful points in that part of California. We got a map from one of the visitors bureau for 50 cents but I think you can print them out in the link for free.

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