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    My fiance & I are taking a road trip for our honeymoon. We will be traveling from the MS Gulf Coast with our final destination in Key West, FL. Any suggestions on cities to visit and sites to see along the way would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions on the best route for sight-seeing would be great too.


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    I'm not really familiar with that patch of ground, but in general for a honeymoon I'd recommend that you take the road less travelled and visit some of the less crowded places and slower paced roads. Take the time to discover new things together rather than just rush from some 'must see' attraction to another. There will be plenty of time for the hurry up, workaday world later. So, taking a quick look at the land \you'll be driving through, I think you'd do well to take a look at roads like US-98 along Florida's panhandle coast, and staying in more laid back resort towns like Cedar Key. Take in the odd, old-fashioned roadside attraction like Weeki Wachee Springs and take a ranger-led hike through the Everglades (there are also many commercial airboat tours as well). The point is there is lots to do, no matter what your interests. Stop at the welcome center when you enter Florida and talk to one of the attendants. Do the same at visitors' centers as you work your way down the state. Most of all, relax and enjoy.


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