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    hi everybody !

    Im from Las Vegas and at the end of October I would like to do a road trip at the north part of US from Portland Oregon to Chicago on the highway 90.
    I heard that in this time of the year at the end of October its really cold up there full with snow and sometimes they even block the this true ?
    did anyone travel on this road in october ?
    because if this is true it doesnt worth to go on this road in october..

    Thank you ,

    Sincerely , Igor
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    Default Interstate 90, Maybe?

    US Highway 90 runs through the south and ends in Van Horn, Texas. So, I'm guessing you mean I-90. I could have helped with Highway 90, but I-90 is a complete unknown to me.


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    I have travelled I90 from the western edge of South Dakota to Wisconsin several times in late October early November. Yes the weather can be a little snowy but as for road closings, I havent been in one during my trips out that way. I have friends who live along that route and they dont recall a road closing due to snow in October.

    At any rate keeping an eye on the weather and listening to forecasts and such will be of help. Dont worry about it and enjoy the road as it is in pretty good shape and hopefully the weather wont affect your travels too much.

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    I would wager that you won't find an abandoned Interstate anywhere in this country, save for during the worst weather. I-90, being especially important, would be one highway that the road crews would be out in full force keeping clear for the truckers that travel this longest of Interstates.

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    October is usually a fine time to drive I-90. I've logged 10s, if not 100s or thousands of miles on this road, and don't know of anytime the road has every been closed because of weather in October. Its rare, but not impossible to see snow in October, but it takes a major blizzard to shut down the Interstate.

    Another advantage to traveling I-90 is that while it is common to see snow in the fall and winter, the northern states tend to be a bit more skilled at quickly removing that snow from the roads.


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