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    I am planing to go to the grand canyon.
    where do i find places on the internet for lodges or places to stay that are non camp ground?
    I want to hike to the bottom and stay somewhere and then hike back. take a few days to do it is a must i know.
    any ideas would be great.

    I am thinking of the north rim but if there is any cool places in the south would be fine also.
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    Default On top or bottom?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Are you looking for places on the rim or at the bottom?

    There is only one hotel at the bottom, the Phantom Ranch, and reservations must be made far in advance.

    On the North Rim, there is only one place inside the park, with just a couple located outside the park.

    There are 3 hotels on the South Rim, with a good handful more located in the town just outside the park's boundary.

    The National Park's website has an excellent breakdown.

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    thanks so much for the info. its very helpfull.

    I was wanting to find a place to stay down in the canyon, not on the rim.
    3 or 4 of us are thinking about hiking down to the river and staying a night or two and then hiking back out.
    We are not into camping, so a ranch or someplace to stay would be great.
    question, at the south rim, isn't there a place down from there at the river a place you can stay. i remember something about that 7 years ago when i was there.

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    Default Just one Canyon

    The Phantom Ranch is the only lodge at the bottom of the canyon. There is a bridge over the river at the bottom, so you can access it no matter which side you start your hike from.

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    thanks for the info again.
    i checked it all out. looks cool.

    another question. have you been to both the south rim and the north rim?

    I have only been to the south rim. Never went down in the canyon very far.

    which is the best as far as hiking down to the river.

    going down the south side to stay the night at Phantom Ranch or going down the north side staying at the Havasupai Tribe's lodge to see the Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls.

    anyone else that has any info to share would be great too.


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    Default A whole different animal

    The Havasupai tribal area is not located on the north rim, it is also on the south side of the canyon, but is not a part of the national park. It is part of an Indian Reservation and there are no services at the top of the trail that will lead you down to the small village located at the bottom of Havasu Canyon.

    The North Rim is part of the National Park, and the trails from the north rim will take you to the same place as those from the south rim. In fact, it is possible to hike down from the north rim and then hike back up the south side - where you can catch a bus for the 5 hour trip back to the north rim. You can also hike start on the south side, but since the north rim's elevation is 1000 feet higher, its recommended to go from north to south.

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    so your saying that if we hike down from the south rim, we can see all those falls that i said about?

    thats cool. its sounding like the south rim is where to go. its lot closer and less of a drive to get there from Flag Staff, AZ


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    Default Not at all!

    No! You are way way off here. You are dealing with 2 very different areas.

    The Havasupai tribal area, and the falls, and anything related to that are not a part of the Grand Canyon - at least not the Grand Canyon National Park which is home to the south and north rims.

    The Canyon itself is more than 100 miles long, and the Havasupai Indian Reservation is on a large chunk of that land which happens to be on the South Side of the Canyon. The reservation is also home to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, although it is still a very long way from the Havasu Canyon.

    But none of those things are related to the National Park, and are distinctly separate entities that can not on a practical sense be done together in corrilation with anything associated with the national park.

    If you are still confused, pull out your atlas, and you should see the distinct boundary lines between the Reservation and the National Park, and you'll have a better idea of how the two things are very separate.

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    We're considering visiting only the North Rim, and we think we want to stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge. I'd love any advice on the North Rim area or this lodge. Restaurants, hiking trails down into the canyon (not TOO strenuous, please!), ranger-led activities, other activities in the area, etc. Thanks!

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    okay. its making more sence to me now.

    i don't have to go to the grand canyon state park.

    I just want to hike to the bottom of the grand canyon and stay one where down at the streem, in a lodge.

    maybe see some water falls or something and then hike back out in a day or two.

    is there any other areas that i may check out other than these two places?

    thanks so much for all the info.

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