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    Hi! In 2005 I flew out of my homeland of Ireland to fulfil a dream of riding a Harley-Davidson through the scorching heat of south-west USA. It was everything I had hoped for (and more) - Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas & a wealth of sublime motorcycling roads! Much to long to post all my experiences here, but (if you like) you can read all about it at my blog site. I'm particularly keen to hear from fellow bikers, and their own road trip experiences & route suggestions! Here's a small taster from the blog, which I hope you find of interest:

    "Sunshine, Route 66, and a Harley-Davidson. I’m fulfilling a dream, and it’s better than expected! The scenery has been pulled from the pages of a Steinbeck novel, with the land flat and open, undulating gently through fields made yellow by some recurring plant that I don’t recognise. Round green bushes populate the terrain, while overhead an enormous and flawless blue sky spills out. Gorgeous! Far off to my right the Santa Fe railway line runs parallel to the highway. Freight trains make the occasional appearance, slow moving and impossibly long, they look like giant rust coloured millipedes traversing the landscape. As I take the Harley up an incline in the road, one of them looms into view, heading in the opposite direction. There’s not another living soul around bar the train driver and myself, his face a pale blur in the lead carriage window. He lets out a few long hauls on the trains horn as a greeting, and I return the compliment on the bike. We say hello and goodbye like this as we go our separate ways. Like an air handshake, the simple act puts a huge smile on my face and slips happily into the well of good memories. A few miles further on, and I park the Harley by the side of the road and rest up to savour the atmosphere like a fine wine. Does it get better than this?"
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    We're sooo envious.
    What a teriffic trip.

    if you ever do it again, chime in here first, we have all kinds of cool Harley routes for Az.

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