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    I reviewed several posts and they all have their own pluses but I am being selfish and would like one for me also... I'm traveling from San Francisco to Chicago alone and have about a week +/- a couple of days (more torwards the +) to complete the trip. What is the best route. I will await your response before I buy my plane ticket back. Also I will be driving a 22' moving truck so I might run into access problems at some locations... any tips on that would be welcome as this is a first for me... moving my stuff long distance and driving the same distance... I don't have a specific itinerary or anything in specific to see but I would like to see as much as possible.. I'm more than willing to camp and I really enjoy the outdoors I would like to get to arches for some rock climbing (heck anywhere for some climbing/hiking would be great) ... I don't know what is possible or even plausible...

    thank you for any help

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    Default I-80 has the least differential in grades

    Quote Originally Posted by yakoo11 View Post
    I'm traveling from San Francisco to Chicago alone and have about a week
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Fourm! I-80 will be the easiest on your moving truck (and it's driver) and has the advantage of going right past some of the best rock climbing areas in the West... Vedauwoo -- near Laramie, Wyoming.

    On the other hand, US-50 and I-70 are hands-down some of the most scenic roadways in the west. Here is a little about US-50 (around Ely) and here is a field report from eastern Utah on I-70.

    As far as which is better -- only you can make that judgment.


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    Default If you can


    I agree with Mark that the Hwy 50/I-70 route is great as long as your truck is in good shape and you don't have it overloaded. There are some steep climbs in Nevada near Eureka and Austin. You have more opportunities for camping and you go right by Arches NP (hike to Delicate Arch if nothing else).

    It is hard to appreciate how big Delicate arch is because there are no people in the shot, but it is huge and the giant bowl between the camera and the arch is hard to fathom until you are standing there.

    It isn't far to Canyonlands and even Capitol Reef NP (one of our favorites, shown below). There are many dramatic cliffs and formations like these that are easy to see.

    Another park that is quite dramatic, and has good camping and hiking is Colorado National Monument west of Grand Junction. The campground is within walking distance of where this shot was taken.

    You could take a side trip down to Aspen and hike to Maroon Bells (shuttle bus is required during the day, which is good in your case).

    Here is a shot of the location, if you haven't seen it. You hike from near where the photo was taken, up the valley to the base of the bells, or beyond if you want to.

    A 22 foot truck shouldn't hurt access too much. The roads in all these places are good. Many small motorhomes are that size and we see them parked just about everywhere. Most of the places you'll be going have large parking lots with RV slots.

    I don't know anything about rock climbing or where it can be done, but I'm sure you do, or know where to locate the info.

    You'll burn up a little more gas on the southern route, but the scenery is spectacular.

    Enjoy Chicago, its a very interesting city.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

    PS - I've never posted pictures before (kind of fun) so even if you don't go this way, enjoy!

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    thanks a whole lot for the replies I greatly appreciate the time you guys spent posting for me.

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