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    I am planning a possible road trip from Las Vegas to either Los Angeles or San Diego or even somewhere in between (Laguna Beach, etc.) I was wondering if this is a very scenic drive and whether it is worth it to drive to either city or take a flight. I'm not concerned about the cost of gas/car but whether or not it will be a scenic drive. Thank you in advance for any information.

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    Maybe the best question here is what wouldn't be a scenic drive?

    You didn't specify a route, which will make a difference here too, but any way you look at it, you'll be driving through a lot of desert between Vegas and Southern California, with some mountains thrown in for good measure. If you would find that scenic, I can't say, but if time and cost aren't a factor, I'm going to drive instead of fly every time.

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    I have determined that I am going to fly into California and drive to Vegas. Little different than I originally planned. I can fly into San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach or Orange County. From your experience which location and drive would be the best; San diego to Vegas, LA to vegas, etc. and if so what route should I take.

    Thanks for your expertise.

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    You didn't say how long you want to take, either, so assuming you can spend a few days for the drive (you did say "scenic", right?). I'd say try to stay off the freeways as much as possible and enjoy the southern California Desert.

    From San Diego you can go to Julian (cute town), through Anza Borego State Park to the Salton Sea, up to Palm Springs (fun town), through Joshua Tree National Park to Twenty-nine Palms, east to Lake Havasu (London Bridge), then north to Bullhead City, east toward Kingman and on north to Las Vegas across the Hoover Dam. For me, that would be a "scenic" route.

    A shorter route would be to fly into Orange County, make your way to Palm Springs, and continue the above route from there.

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    Default What are you looking for?

    Do you have lots of time to make a scenic trip, or are you just looking to get there on a direct route? And are you planning to drive directly from the airport to Vegas?

    There really isn't that much of a difference. LAX would probably be the closest of the airports and would have the most options for flights and rental cars. However, in terms of the actual airports themselves, I would rather fly out of Orange County or San Diego. I haven't used Long Beach, so I can't really comment on that one.

    The drives wouldn't really be much different. I-15 is the main highway regardless, or you could take a longer route out through Joshua Tree NP and the up the CA/AZ border, but those drives will all be about the same once you get beyond the urban sprawl.

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    I'm not looking for a whole day drive..I was figuring a couple hours to drive to vegas and enjoy some scenary

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    Well, Its not possible to make it from the coast to Vegas in "a couple hours." On I-15, the fastest, most direct route, you're going to be looking at 5-6 hours on the road depending upon traffic and where exactly you start from. Pretty much any detour off of this route is going to force you to be on the road for a full day.

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