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    Hello, it's not the first time I visit this website but I didn't feel like I had to register before now. As you already know I'm planning a trip to Florida, departing from ottawa. I've used google maps and it looks like a good plan.

    It doesn't go through the I91 between NYC and Washington. I've read that this area was highly congested. I've calculated the gas from Ottawa to Miami + 300KM wich gives me 5500KM. At 1.10$/L it gives me 484$ CND for gas. So I'm planning a little more than 500$. I don't know how much the gas goes for in the states.. Is it cheaper?

    Anyway, to my MAIN question. I would like to sleep in campsites, with a tent (to keep the cost to a minimum) but there might be an issue... Is there a minimum age? Here in Quebec & Ontario most campsites won't make reservation if you are less than 21, I don't know how it works if you get there with hard money... I'm only 17... Will I be able to find some places to sleep?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I think you are thinking of I-95 between NYC and Washington - I-91 ends has its termini at the Canadian border and in Connecticut, and generally follows the course of the Connecticut River. That said, I-95 is a congested route, the Main Street of the East Coast Megalopolis.

    You can figure on fuel being roughly $3.10 a gallon here, the cost you are paying is closer to $4.17 a gallon, so yes, despite the continuous cries of woe from some of my fellow citizens, fuel is selling at roughly a 25% discount here compared to what you are paying.

    Getting a campsite shouldn't be difficult. If you were going to stay in hotels/motels, that would most likely be a different story. I honestly think if you play it cool and keep a low profile, most campgrounds won't even bat an eye.

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    Thank you. Does anyone have any experience to share?

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    We've all got ton's of experiences to share, it's what this web site is about! What, specifically, are you looking for on this trip? Quiet scenery or vibrant night life? A quick trip to your destination or a meandering path and sight-seeing? You seem concerned that you might run into congestion along the way - do you want to avoid it, and if so how far out of your way are you willing to go? These are just some of the answers you have to provide before we can be of much more help than Tim has been already.


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