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    I'm planning a trip from LA to South Dakota. Want to spend a couple of days in the Badlands/Blackhills when I get there. Thinking about 8 days in total. any suggestions of the best route from LA, places to see along the way?


    Matt Sherring

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    The round-trip is roughly a 5 day trip, so that gives you the amount of time you wish to spend in the Badlands area, but it doesn't make for a lot of time to stop for any significant amount of time along the way.

    The Google maps route looks quite sound - I-15 to I-80 then up US-287 to WY-220 to US-20, US-18 then SD-79 and US-16T to SD-44.

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    An alternate route (maybe take one going up and the other going back) that adds about an hour to the trip is to take I-15 to I-70 through the heart of Colorado, then up I-25 through Cheyene, WY to Hot Springs, SD, etc. (be sure to take the route through Custer State Park if you have a chance).

    This gives you more contrast between the deserts of Utah, the mountains of Colorado and the plains of Wyoming. You can sneak in a visit to Arches National Park and Colorado National Monument along the way.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    thanks for your advice! its great! I'm australian and my mate is irish so we don't know the area that well.

    I didn't explain it that well in my first post - we have 8 days to travel to and through sth dakota. we'll fly out of Sioux Falls. so, we could have 3 days in sth dakota.

    1.We're both history buffs. What would be some ideas on 3 days in Sth Dakota?

    thanks again


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    Default South Dakota - History

    The northwestern plains of the US are full of historic and scenic venues, particularly if you are into the lore of the settling of America. Starting with the initial exploration by Lewis and Clark in 1804-1806, through the era of the cavalry forts and sodbusters. There are also a number of scenic attractions including the Badlands, Wind Cave and Mount Rushmore. But don't forget Devils Tower just across the state line in Wyoming. All in all, South Dakota is a great place to take a RoadTrip. Enjoy!


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