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  1. Default San Fran to LA in 7 days; advice please

    I am coming across on vacation from the UK.

    We are in Vancouver to start then head to San Fran before we have a hire car and 7 days (and nights) to get to LA.

    Ideally what I would like to do is hit the following places:

    Death Valley
    San Diego

    Then onto LA where we finish our holiday.

    Can any of you give me any advice regarding the posibilities of making this trip in the amount of time we have and how to go about it?

    We are doing this in early October.

    Thanks a lot

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The trip you are talking about is roughly 1800 miles by the quickest routes (probably closer to 2000), so that's a four day trip right there. I think you may be underestimating the distances and the amount of time you are going to want to spend in a location. If it were my route, I would have to vote for jettisoning the Arizona portion to clear up some time.

  3. Default Very much a push...

    Hello CraigHill

    Trip, as you laid out, would be very much a push to do in a week -- you'd be in the car all day driving each day, so I'm not sure you would appreciate the sights as you'll have just enough time to pull up, get out, get back in , and drive off I think..

    Some rough rules of thumb

    SF to Yosemite is about a half day's drive across California.

    Yosemite is very scenic, so it'll take 1/2 day to a fully day to see it.

    Yosemite to Death Valley is a day's drive in the car.

    Death Valley is pretty big, so other than a drive through, you can spend at least several hours just looking around.

    Death Valley to Las Vegas is 2-4 hours, depending upon your route.

    Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is about 1/2 to 2/3rds a day's drive.

    Grand Canyon is huge, and very scenic.

    Grand Canyon to Flagstaff is doable in 2-3 hours, depending upon your route (the most scenic is west along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, then south on 89)

    It's about 2 hours from Flagstaff to Phoenix, but if you stray through Sedona and stop at places like Montezuma's Castle, it's probably a full day's drive.

    Phoenix to San Diego is 6+ hours drive.

    San Diego to LA is about 3 hours, depending upon route, traffic, and where in LA you're going.

    Day 1 -- SF to Yosemite
    Day 2 -- Yosemite to near Death Valley
    Day 3 -- Death Valley and on to Las Vegas
    Day 4 -- LV to Grand Canyon.
    Day 5 -- Grand Canyon to Phoenix
    Day 6 -- Phoenix to San Diego
    Day 7 -- San Diego to LA

    It's doable... but its a LOT of time in the car and not a lot of sightseeing....

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