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  1. Default Maryland to Oregon..OMG!

    Hi All,
    I'm completely new to these boards but it's such a great place to share experiences. Thank goodness, because I could definitely use some good advice!! I will be trekking from Baltimore, MD to Portland OR on the 24th of August, and I'm just curious as to any advice anyone weird places to stay away from, how the heck to keep yourself focused and busy in the car, good places to stop and take a few pics, etc.

    I'm probably doing this by myself but possibly with a friend. I have to be in Portland by the 6 days enough time? The longest I've ever driven is 13 hours at a time, so I'm a little worried about the length of the drive, especially if I'm going at it alone! Plus I tend to get a bit distracted, so I want to make sure I don't jump off the highway to see the world's biggest ball of yarn or something crazy like that!

    I hear I-70 or I-80 are the best bets, anyone have any preferences, and why one is better than the other??

    Any help would be incredibly appreciated!!


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    Default Basics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You should be able to make your trip in 6 days without too much difficulty. We generally recommend that you limit yourself to 500 miles a day, and you'd need about 5.5 days at that pace to cover the distance.

    I'd probably recommend I-80 for you for this trip, because its the more direct option and you don't have a ton of time for extras. I-70 has many great features too, but I think it will take a little more time, and I suspect having a little extra cushion in terms of time will be helpful to you.

    There are few places you need to worry about avoiding, and common sense will generally steer you away from those areas. The key staying focused is pretty simple, if you are losing focus, then its time to get off the road and switch drivers, or just take a break from the road, if only for a few minutes.

  3. Default $$

    Thanks Michael! In these types of situations, how much money is the general rule of thumb to allot for this trip? I'm so clueless as far as how much it costs to drive that far!

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    Default Variable

    There is no rule of thumb for how much a trip will cost because there are dozens of variables.

    Here are some of the biggest things you'll need to figure for you budget:

    Fuel - Certainly will depend upon your car and how you drive. RTA's Fuel Cost Calculator is located on the left side of your screen.

    Lodging - Can run anywhere from 100+ per night for nice motels, to virtually nothing if you are willing to sleep in your car, or anything in between.

    Food - again depends upon if you plan to eat at nice restaurant along the way, plan to eat out of a cooler, or anything in between.

    Entertainment Etc - Things like attraction admission fees, money for nightlife, or just gift shop spending to remember your trip, which are totally up to you.

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    Hi, I just made this trip, I would highly recommend driving with someone else. Make sure you have extra batteries for your camera, I never took so many pictures in my life. I believe I spent 20 dollars on tolls, having single bills made the stops fast and easy. Besides that I enjoyed the trip, but I didn't have anyone to talk to, and felt left out when I stopped at tourist stops.
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  6. Default

    Hi Coastie,
    Yeah I am definitely taking someone with me, now that I've heard stories! I get bored easily and don't want to be stuck talking to myself or something! How many days did it take you? Also, any recommendations on cool places to stop along the way??


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    Default Perception

    Going on a roadtrip with a good friend can be a great experience, but so can solo trips. I can easily say that some of my favorite roadtrips have been of the solo variety.

    There are some great advantages to solo trips, you never have to compromise, if there's something you feel like doing - you can do it without getting permission from your companion. You certainly don't have to worry about the petty squables that can easily start when you are spending hours upon hours in close quarters with another person. And of course, there's a level of reflection and enjoyment that can only be gained from spending quality time with oneself.

    So I'm not sure what stories you've heard, but I'll say this, if you end up talking to yourself and no one else is around, who cares?

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    Default Talking to yourself is a good thing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cover Girl View Post
    I get bored easily and don't want to be stuck talking to myself or something!
    That is one of the REASONS I take solo trips... Here are a few more tips on solo road adventuring.


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    Dear Easy Breezy Beautiful,
    I made it in 4, but I was zoombied into driving. I love road trips, but the last day I hated due to seeing more road. I stopped only for gas, and a place to stay. If you're looking for great views, I drove I-90. There are billboards along all along the way that advertise places of interest. One big thing, in South Dakota was If you have any interest in good beer and food, or shopping etc. you'll love Portland. I've never been west of Maryland until now, but I hope to live in Portland within a few years. I'm sure your car will get better gas mileage than my truck, but I spent 1000 dollars from coast to coast. I hope I've helped some.


  10. Default Wow! 1000.00!

    Oh man was I off! I was kind of allotting 500-600! I have a Mazda 6...and yes hopefully that will get better mileage than your truck (I also won't be towing anything if that helps!).

    So as far as companionship goes, I'm taking a guy friend with me...I get along sooo much better with men (at least in close quarters) than women...I find men aren't as petty, and don't mind just going with the flow (especially this one in particular!).

    I'm just a bit wary of going solo - what if I break down in the middle of nowhere?? I don't know how to change a tire! Haha...ok stop laughing, I'm serious! That's on the list of things to learn though.

    On another note - my cousin has down the West to East trip several times and he recommends stopping at some place called the Badlands...anyone heard of this mysterious place?? He said it's kind of trippy and a must see!

    Thanks bunches!

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