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    Default Riding A Motorcycle From Seattle, Wa To Fl, In November

    Im 19, in the military, and I'm getting ready to change duty stations in November. Right now im currently in Ketchikan, AK and will be moving back home to the Tallahassee, FL area and started planning on taking the trip on a motorcycle. I've never attempted anything like this before, so I'm looking for as much advice as possible. These are the limitations I have to work with: I'll have about $1800 saved up for on the road expenses and I've got 14 days to travel

    I'm planning on going south along the west coast and then cutting through the southern states, and I really want to see the grand canyons.

    Any tips would be appreciated!

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    Default What size bike is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by iskimvics View Post
    Im 19, in the military, and I'm getting ready to change duty stations in November
    Ketchikan in the summer sounds a lot nicer than a winter posting! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. What size motorcycle will you be using? Here is a suggestion for a tent that you can pack on the bike.

    Your budget looks fine.

    Here are some threads that might be helpful -- not all are really on point, but there are some good suggestions herein.

    Eight day trip on a 2003 Kawasaki ZR7S (750cc)
    Some southern state route suggestions -- and some links from Tim (
    A trip around the canyons area on bikes

    And just some overall advice:

    My advice is to take it easy! Even on a big comfortable HD, motorcycle touring is a tough day. Plan to limit your riding to six hours per day and
    get your riding done early in the day, and quit by 3:00 PM. You'll acquire less bugs while riding in the daylight than you will at night, and you will be more rested the next day.


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