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  1. Default LA to NH- No AC in August- best route??

    Hi all,
    I will be driving from LA to NH in mid-August. Our car has NO AIR-CONDITIONING- and I am also a scaredy cat about mountains. So I-70 is out... there's always Route 66 (sort of) but the no AC... the other option I can see is driving back up the coast (we'll have come from seattle to LA already) and taking I-90. How bad are the mountain passes in Montana andWashington on the I-90? Does anyone have any other ideas???

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    Default I-40 is probably the best choice

    Quote Originally Posted by dorothyruth View Post
    I will be driving from LA to NH in mid-August. Our car has NO AIR-CONDITIONING- and I am also a scaredy cat about mountains.
    The difference in heat at 70 mph in Arizona and Montana is hardly worth driving an extra 1200 miles! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I would take I-40 (drive in the cooler parts of the day and take the short way home). There are a couple of hill climbs on I-40 (mostly around Flagstaff) but it will still the be gentle route for you. If you are trying to avoid mountains, it makes no sense to drive up to Seattle -- the Rockies are just much taller as you head north.


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    Default Or I-80

    I agree with Mark and I certainly wouldn't go all the way up to I-90. I might consider taking I-80 instead however, since there is a chance that it could be a little cooler than I-40.

    Of course the key is that the weather is the weather, and just like we often tell people in the winter, there is no route that will certainly be better or worse than another one at any given time. Check the forecast before you leave and see what sort of temperatures are in store for your dates of travel.

  4. Default Thanks!

    Thank you for your quick replies- I believe I will go for the I-40, I love the south anyway.

    Thanks again!

  5. Default Okay, one more question!

    I have one more question, and thanks for your answers last time! How long does it take to cross the mojave desert on the I-40 from LA? With no AC I'm sure we'll be doing this somewhere between 11pm and 7am, so I want to plan accordingly.
    Thanks everyone, this website is terrific

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    Default Order of Battle

    You're going to have to get considerably farther than just across the Mojave if you want to avoid daytime highs of the desert Southwest. I would say at a minimum (and on average) you would need to get well up into southwestern Utah on I-15 and be ready to make the turn eastward on I-70 before it gets on toward noon on your second day. That would be somewhere in the vicinity of Cedar City where you can expect to find a few lodging choices. That would be about 450 miles, which is doable overnight, if you get a good night's sleep and a nap before starting out. If you can do that and roll into Cedar City around noon and have lunch there, you should be in good shape to get an early check-in somewhere, get a good night's sleep to recover, and be ready to resume daylight driving through the mountains on the next day.


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