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    I'm in Boston MA . i'm planning a one day drive around any place to the north or west of Boston. I only want to have a nice drive in a relaxing road with escenic views , stay in a cheap hotel, and come back using another nice road.
    After searching i've come with some places i could visit in +-4 hours drive that have cheap hotels (searched in a popular hotel search engine):

    1) Rutland ,VT
    2) Freeport , ME
    3) Burlington ,VT
    4) Bangor , ME
    5) Lake George , NY
    Also i'm considering New Hampshire but i have not found a cheap hotel there.

    So i'm asking which place would you recommend me to choose?

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    Default An inexpensive motel on Lake George?

    Quote Originally Posted by faen420 View Post
    5) Lake George , NY
    Lake George is a pretty beautiful spot. Hard to imagine it has much in the way of "cheap" lodging -- but I would opt for here.


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    thanks Mark!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Editor View Post
    Lake George is a pretty beautiful spot. Hard to imagine it has much in the way of "cheap" lodging
    just found out that the lodging is in Schenectady, south of Lake George

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    Default Springfield, Vermont

    I see that this city beat out my Springfield, Illinois, in the contest to host the new Simpsons Movie World Premier this next week. They had to submit a five minute video to explain why they WERE the actual location of Homer's Springfield. They collected the most votes on USA Today's website. I'm not sure how far away Springfield is from you, but it might be worth checking it out.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  6. Default change of plans

    actually i think i found a good plan for what i want to see (mountains and river)

    first drive from Boston north to Conway , New Hampshire and stay around there

    wakeup early have a drive north near the White Mountains up to St. Johnsburry and drive south down to Brattleboro , along the Connecticut River , and from there to Boston

    anyone knows a cheap hotel around Conway??


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    Default Discount lodging

    I was going to suggest Portland, Maine (gosh darn!) It's such a beautiful place, and about one hour's ride away from Boston to the sea. (hint!:)

    But, maybe you would find this helpful. Usually near every state border, especially/only on the interstates, you can find hotel coupons in the Visitor's Center, even if they're closed. Even if the hotels aren't too cheap, you can usually get good discounts, which are even better than AAA member discounts.
    You can also check them at this website to see if there's any in the area you want to go.
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    thanks mikphire

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