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  1. Default San Fran to New York road trip advice

    I'm looking to take a road trip for about 4 weeks from San Francisco to New York starting in late August. So far, the places we are interested in seeing in the West are:
    - Napa/Sonoma wine region
    - Yosemite
    - Grand Canyon
    - Bryce Canyon
    - Arches
    - New Mexico

    After that, we're pretty flexible other than ending up in New York somehow. Any suggestions on routes and things to see between UT/NM and NY are really appreciated. We're travelling over from the UK and really looking forward to it.


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    Welcome to RoadTrip America Forum.
    You certainly have the time for such a teriffic trip.

    Our favorite route across the U.S. is the I-40 which threads through some of the excellent locatons you mention.

    Anything in particular that you are interested in?
    History, landscape, show-biz locations, sports, scenic drives ect?
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    We're certainly interested in landscape and scenic drives. We're also looking for some time en route to relax, see some interesting towns and cities and if there are any " must see" things on the way we are certainly up for that!

    Thanks for the advice

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    Have done some more thinking about this and the rough route is as follows. Note that we'll try to spend days where we think there is more to see or we just need a rest.

    San Francisco
    Grand Canyon
    Bryce Canyon
    Santa Fe
    Up the coast through New Jersey to New York

    - Yosemite to Grand Canyon seems a long drive for one day. Is it worth stopping somewhere on the way? We are less interested in Vegas having been there before.
    - We're keen on doing a helicopter ride at Grand Canyon which goes to the bottom of the canyon. Does this mean we really need to be at the South Rim?
    - Any recommendations for B&Bs/motels to stay at on the way?
    - We don't necessarily need to go as far south as Charleston in North/South Carolina but would like to go somewhere to spend a couple of days on the beach after a long trip across country. Anywhere we shouldn't miss?


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