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    Ok so me and my roommate are heading to Vancouver in August and around late October time we want to head to LA, hire a car and drive to NY. Prolly wanna take 2 weeks to get thru it all.

    Definite stops are: Las Vegas, Montreal and Boston (so obviously wanna stick to the northern routes). We are 23 and 24 so any tips on hiring a car would be great. Would love to grab a convertible or something cool like that.

    In terms of stops we want the best of the best. Places where we can stop for a couple of nights and know we can party or find something fun like that to do.

    Any suggestions would be awesome! Dont really know where to start.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think you'll have a real tough time renting a convertable at your age. While renting a car between the ages of 21-24 isn't impossible, most companies do charge a significant fee and do not let under 25ers rent "premium" models. I suspect you might also have difficultly finding a rental company in California that will allow you to take the car into Canada.

    2 Weeks is plenty of time to get from LA to NY, but you will need a good 5 days just for the cross country drive, plus Montreal and Boston on the other side of a direct LA-NY route, so you'll need some time for that, so if you spend a couple days in each of the cities you'll have your trip filled up quite nicely.

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    awesome- thanks for the start.

    i think our last resort will be just to hire a cheap thing that they let us hire but an extravagant option (and i dont know how hard this is) would be to buy a cheap ass mustang or camero and drive that over to NY where we could sell it to a dealer again. Just a bit of fun but might be too much trouble.

    any ideas on stops etc would be awesome.

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    ok after some more thinking i think we might be better doing the southern routes. we have a mate in miami we want to visit so i was thinking of doing the main stops through from LA to Miami then drive the East Coast up to NY and finish in Boston.
    So from what i have heard the following cities would be a must:
    Las Vegas
    New Orleans

    so tips on stops between Las Vegas and New Orleans, then Memphis and Florida and what to do on the East Coast would be awesome!! Obviously keeping in mind our main objective of partying for a couple of nights at every stop.




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