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  1. Default Roading with an 8 month old (and a wife)

    Well - I came onto this forum a bit back when I was thinking about going to Utah from Chicago, but plans were shelved until a New York Family Visit Road Trip came up. So now here I am, with a laundry list of questions to run by some of you who might have had a similar experience. We have a nine month old baby who is super inquisitive.

    1. Travel Plans
    Day 1 - We plan on leaving from Northwest of Chicago on a Friday night, after work. We will drive as far as possible, hopefully taking advantage of the evening to let baby fall asleep and ride in peace for several hours. Try to make Cleveland 380 miles by 01:00ish. I know this is probably impossible so I will find another hotel somewhere along the route much closer.

    Day 2 - Long day ahead. 500 miles to go. 12 hours of driving time and trying to reach NYC. If we can do that, we have a place to stay - otherwise another hotel.

    Day 3 - If we aren't in NYC yet, we finish the drive. Stay the night. Might have but need to plan on not having access to laundry facilities yet.

    Day 4 - Little more driving to final destination. We will have access to laundry finally, later in the day probably. Road trip there is complete.

    2. Packing List
    Planning on taking all food for entire trip with - 6 servings of level 2 food per day, 6 bottles of formula, and some snacks for teething. Don't really want to buy food in NY, just want to have my own supply.
    Clothing for baby will be enough for 5 days - onesies, shirts, shorts, socks, etc. Hat. The usual other outdoor stuff. Both strollers (big one and umbrella). Portable Crib (still have to buy one, so any ideas welcome). Extra Zip Lock bags, and garbage bags/grocery plastic bags. Tylenol drops.
    Enough diapers, depending on how big the pile of other stuff gets I might be willing to buy diapers in NY - still need to calculate how many per day baby goes through.
    Baby wipes, and some more baby wipes.
    Enough burp rags and bibs also for 5 days.

    3. Entertainment
    We are hoping for a lot of sleeping and quietly watching out the window, but how do you occupy a bored baby who can't get up? For hours at a time? Is there any sort of game/activity to do with baby without unstrapping? Obviously we will have baby's favorite books, and toys, but crawling started last week and by the time we go on the trip it will be out of control.

    Well, this is my basic rundown. Any advice or critique of what I've written would be very welcome. My big question - am I biting off more than I and family can chew? I am an old road tripper, so I know how to take care of myself, but baby....a whole new adventure.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Default Another suggestion...

    Get an old big quilt or blanket or the like, and throw it in the car.

    Baby will get stir crazy like anyone else strapped into a seat for 12 hours or so. Stop every couple of hours and let yourself get out and stretch and walk around. If you can find a local park, or rest area, or etc. Put the blanket out and let baby crawl around on it. Make it a game to crawl from mommie to daddy and back, or roll over and over...

    This should have a couple of benefits -- gets the baby moving, gets them stimulated more than being locked in a seat, and tires them out a bit. Also gets mom and dad out of the car and moving around a bit.

    You can also use the blanket on the floor of a hotel room to let the baby crawl around on. Or you can have a picnic on it. Plus its just a plain useful thing to have in the car (You can always find an army blanket in the back of my car....)


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