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  1. Default Advice/Ideas for a 8-10 day Trip from MA to Long Beach, CA


    I've recently come across these fora and I'm hoping that someone might have traveled this route and would have some ideas. I am thinking that I will stay north as much as possible on the trip, perhaps through Chicago and onto Colorado. I've lived in TN and made many road trips from TN to PA, so I am familiar with the southern route until it comes to the west. I have 8-10 days to make the trip (it's a career move and I will get reimbursed only for that amount). My best friend and my dog are going to be with me. I have a midsized sedan and all of my house "stuff" will be on a moving van.

    Has anyone done this trip and know of the places I should stop along the way, good 2 lane highways, sites to see, and interested joints along the way? I would love to see the rocky mountains and perhaps the grand canyon (although I know that's a bit south of my destination in Long Beach.) I don't want to take only interstates and would be open to places for lodging and camping.

    AAA will be putting my trip tic together once I solidify my route, but I need a vetern who has done this who can give me some advice!!

    Thanks for reading!!


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    Default Parallel Universes

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Some of my favorite cross-country 2 lane roads actually run parallel to some of the Interstates along your route. MA-2, US-20 through New York, US-6 across northwestern Ohio and northern Indiana, US-30 and IL-38 - the old Lincoln Highway in Illinois, US-6 in Iowa and eastern Nebraska, US-30 in western Nebraska. The main advantage of these roads is that they are close enough to the 'main' freeways that you can jump back and forth between them as the mood strikes and time allows. Once in Colorado, you can use US-50 to cross the Rockies and US-550 and US-160 to get down into the Grand Canyon area (which is still north of Long Beach, then I-40 and I-15 will get you to LA. There are a ton of interesting places all along this general route, so have a look at a map and see if, in general, it appeals to you and your friend. If so, then we can start to talk details.

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  3. Default Excellent!

    Thanks for the advice on the parallel roads! I"m going to get out some maps and check it out. Anything in particular that I should see beyond what I've posted? Thanks!

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    Default Route 66

    Spend the night at Williams, Az, the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Then enjoy Seligman, and there's that original Route 66 stretch from Kingman to the California border which is like no other road you might ever drive. Enjoy the wild burros in Oatman.
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  5. Default Route 66 - good ideas!

    Thanks for the idea! I think that we've decided that the first part of our trip through chicago will be mostly on interstates. we are familiar with the the mowhak trail in MA and the two lanes in NY, PA, and OH having lived and traveled through those states.

    Once in Colorado through AZ and CA we'll be looking to stop and see more things! I like the idea of taking 66.


  6. Default Chicago to Mesa Verde CO - Need Advice

    Hi- I'm driving from MA to CA and have so far decided that we will drive to Akron, OH and stay with a friend, then drive to Chicago, IL and stay with a friend. We would like to see Mesa Verde, CO and the Grand Canyon in AZ. Does anyone have a route or suggested stops from Chicago to Mese Verde, CO? All of your suggestions have been helpful and I look forward to any advice! Thanks.

  7. Default Massachusetts to California -- A Big Move!

    I'm moving from MA to CA and am planning to motor through the northeast and spend most of the time out west where I've not been.

    I will have my best friend from high school, and my 3 year old yellow lab. We have camping equiptment and would like to camp a few times, and 2 of our official destinations are mesa verde, CO and the grand canyon.

    We will be going through Kansas and MO. Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping in Kansas? We will be on I-70 and I fear that we will become bored with the long trip through Kansas. We'll most likely be taking off from St. Louis area.

    How long does it take to get through Kansas? Anyone have any suggestions about places to see there? Suggestions about dogs would also be very helpful; I'm afraid that we won't have access to several things in the canyon or mesa verde because of her, but I can't leave her anywhere.

    I know there is bound to be a bit of stress since this is a professional move, so I'm trying to enjoy this cross-country trip as best as possible. Thanks for any help!

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    Default couple of thoughts


    Kansas City to Denver is 600 miles (driven it lots of times). There is a very good brewpub in Hayes, KS on 11th street downtown, south of the Interstate, called the LB (liquid bread) Brewing Company.

    Most of Kansas is indeed rather sparsely populated with not many things to see or do, close to the highway, so unless you want to get off the main road and see the small towns, which are often very charming, you'll be mostly driving through. There is a GREAT space museum in Hutchinson, KS called the Cosmosphere, if you should happen to be down that way, but it will eat up most of a day if you stop there.

    There are several good ways to get to Mesa Verde. My favorite is to make your way from Denver to Montrose, then go south through Ouray and Silverton. All the roads that cross the state are good, but a friend of mine just took 285 out of Denver and loved it.

    Have a good move,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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