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    Well im planning on a roadtrip with my girlfriend late this summer, leaving from St. Louis, MO and was wondering what direction I should go to see the most sites. I was thinking we would stop and campout most nights but hotels would be fine to. The trip is planned to be around 7 days.

    i forgot to mention that we are both 18 so nothing too historically boring but just anything that could be fun
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    Default What do YOU want to see and do?

    Welcome to the RTA forums!

    There must be someplace you've always wanted to go, something you've always wanted to do. If there is, list them and we can tell you if it's feasible in the time you have. If not, then give us some ideas of what you want to do. It's a big world out there with lots of choices. And you really haven't given us enough information to help you out.

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    Default You've Given a Few Hints...

    ...on what you're looking for. You want a RoadTrip, so I assume you want to be travelling most days and seeing some countryside, rather than just getting to a destination and staying put. You say you'll be camping, so I assume you'd prefer, or at least be comfortable with, natural settings. And you say you have about a week, which leaves you looking for places within a three days' drive, at most, from St. Louis. If I were looking to plan a trip like that, I think I'd head east because that direction from St. Louis offers the most variety. You could start out by heading up the Ohio River Scenic Byway and then cut south through Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave National Park. Continuing southeast, you'd come to both the nightlife of Gatlinburg and the serenity of the Great Smoky Mountains. Finally a drive across North Carolina would bring you to Manteo at the northern end of the Outer Banks where you could spend a day on the beach before heading home by a slightly different route that would bring you up through Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and home.


  4. Default 2 Person Roadtrip--5 days or less

    Me and my girlfriend are planning a 5 day or less roadtrip, and we need ideas about where to go and what to see. We will be leaving from St. Louis, Missouri, and travelling to Memphis (in one day), New Orleans the next, and then up through Texas (San Antonio? Houston? etc.) , and then back home to St. Louis. We were wondering if this would be a good route to go (or even possible in 5 days) or if there was some other better, scenic route (possibly to Florida for a couple days and back?). Lastly, we were unsure as to how much money we should each bring on this trip. If anyone has any suggestions, please write back and let us know your input!

    Oh! And we were planning on leaving sometime in early August.

    Just a side note, were both 18 to.
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