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    Just after some advice if poss please myself and a friend are taking a 3 week road trip in june 08 we are thinking of flying into JFK from london then meaking our way round to detroit chicago then down to memphis up through nashville to washington philly then back to new york. does this sound a good trip and will i have enough time with 3 weeks? and how much money would i need, i have never done anything like this before so im just after some advice pls

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    Default Sounds fabulous!

    Hi, and welcome,

    That is great loop, there is a lot to see and do, and with an average of about 130 miles per day driving, you have the time to do it well.

    If you are interested in history there dozens if not hundreds of uniquely American historical sites to visit. The scenery ranges from rugged mountains (though not as high as the Rockies out west), caves, forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, inland waterways and Atlantic coastline, and, of course, farms, fields and small towns. It is a good sampling of what the eastern half of the country has to offer. As you continue to plan you may want to add Boston for a bit of New England, as a comparison to "Old England."

    As for cost, that obviously depends on several factors, cost of car rental, cost of accomodations and cost of food. And, of course, entry fees to many of the sights and sites you'll want to see.

    Do you have a budget to work against, or are you going to sell your house to pay for the trip no matter what the cost?

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your plans and preferences as they develop.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    thanks for the reply coral, i do have a budget i was thinking of taking about $4000 dollars (each as there is 2 of us) with me i am not booking accomodation just getting a flight from london to jfk aand just gonna try hostels etc and maybe hire a car or get the greyhound bus or train just depends. we want to see some amazing sites and have some good nights out i hope to hear from you soon

    many thanks


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