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    My friend and I are starting our road trip from Wisconsin with a stop in Michigan for a wedding and a few days in Dallas for a convention. After that, we're leaving Dallas and heading to Wilmington, NC. All we really have planned is to drive up the coast from Savannah to Wilmington. We're pretty open to going wherever before and after that. After NC, we're leaving for home, maybe swinging through Chicago on the way back. We have about two weeks from when we leave Dallas to when we need to be back in Wisconsin. We're interested in doing really tourist-y things (i.e. World's Largest Ball of Twine), eating a lot of good food, and not spending a lot of money. We're also not the sleep-in-the-back-of-the-car road trippers, so we need to find cheap places to stay that aren't akin to the Bates Motel. If anyone has any good ideas, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks, everyone!

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    After Dallas, what route were you thinking of? I'd suggest heading east to Shreveport, LA then south with a stop in Natchitoches, LA (very quaint, French town), then continue to Lafayette to eat some of that great Creole food and to visit Vermilionville (a reconstructed village that shows how the Cajuns and Creole used to live), then to New Orleans. You may get a big dose of reality seeing the state of disrepair in some parts of the city, but the party heart of the city is still strong.

    The west Florida coast is beautiful, and should be pretty well restored from its hurricane several years ago. If you want to take the time, Orlando and all the Disney and other touristy stuff isn't far south. It is a pretty easy run from there up through Daytona Beach, St. Augustine (some great historic sites there) up the coast to Savannah.

    The possible routes from Wilmington to Chicago are many, and varied in what they have to offer. The Louisville Slugger bat factory in Louisville, KY is interesting and a day at the races at Churchill Downs is memorable. There are hundreds of intesting historic sites in that area that are worth your time if you have the interest, so I'll leave you to do your own research
    in that area except to mention that Conner Prairie north of Indianapolis is exceptional for its demonstration of crafts and historic buildings. Actually, the same is true at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, near Lexington, KY...and talk about great food! See, don't get me started!!

    Have a wonderful time.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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