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    Default Route 101 - Medford to San Luis Obispo

    Hi -

    We are planing a family roadtrip in Oct. We are going to fly into Medford, Oregon than drive to see family in Weed, CA. From there we plan on driving the 101 down to San Luis Obispo to see more family. We have about 5 days to travel from Weed, CA to San Luis Obispo. I really want to see the Redwoods, but is there anything else along the coast that we should be sure to see? Big Spur, San Fran & Monterey Bay are all ready on the list, but I am thinking of more "off beat" sights. Does anyone have any suggestions of things along this route?

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    Default 101 not on the coast


    Let me be the first to welcome you "down south". As you may know, but just in case you don't, Hwy 101 doesn't go down the coast. So, I assume you plan to scoot over to Hwy 1 at Legget, or take Hwy 1 south of San Francisco.

    The Botanical Garden in Fort Bragg is very nice, and there is a terrific lighthouse at Point Arena. The town of Mendocino is rightly popular as a quaint sea-side town. And Fort Ross, a reconstructed Russian fort from the early 1800s is further down the coast, north of Jenner.

    All along the way you'll find interesting villages and scenic places to stop. At Point Reyes, you'll find another lighthouse and Drakes cove, where Sir Francis Drake came ashore briefly. This point of land is also a place to see whales, but you've seen lots of them in Alaska.

    The town of Bodega Bay, further south is intentionally hard to find (they don't allow signs on the road) but it, too, is rather charming.

    If you are in Sausalito on the weekend, the Bay Model is interesting. They have a huge model of San Francisco Bay where they experiment with the effects of tidal flow and accidental spills and the like. Check to see if they still have tours.

    I'm afraid that most of this part of the trip is pretty sparsely populated so there aren't a lot of off beat things that you can see.

    But you'll have a wonderful trip anyway. Just plan on it being a pretty slow drive. The road is not straight for long and certainly not fast.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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