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    Me and 2 friends are going on a 6 week road trip to America at the end of May 08, our destinations are:
    Hawaii - Vancouver - Alaskan Cruise - Hire a car in Vancouver - Drive down to LA - Los Vegas - Fly to Can Cun Mexico and the fly to New York

    Just wondering if any one can give us any travel tips, places to go, things to see, best club in vegas, best car hire, Can we get vegemite lol, hostels to stay at one the way, hotels, alaskan cruise liners, basically any and everything to make the trip great.....

    Any info would be greatly appreciated,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a pretty amazing plan there, although I think a lot of it may go beyond the scope of the forum.

    We'll probably be able to give you the most help with the Roadtrip from Vancouver to LA and Vegas, in fact, you'll already find a lot in help in those areas in this thread and this one too.

    How long are you planning to spend on the roadtrip part of this trip? It sounds like you've got a ton of fun things, but you'll be doing lots of moving to fit everything in.

    Also, what sort of budget are you looking at? Do you want to stay at hostels? Car hire prices can vary wildly, especially if you are doing a one way trip and/or are under age 25, so you'll just have to shop around there.

    And of course one last question, what the heck is vegemite?

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    Thanks for the reply
    We will be spending approx 7 days on cruise, 3 weeks in a car, 5 days in Can Cun and 5 -7 days in NY,

    Budget is $8-10K each including flights from Aus
    Hope to stay in anything with a bed from Hostels to park benches
    Our ages are 25,28 and 30 so car hire shouldnt be to bad were thinking about maybe a convertible because were spending most of the time around the San fran - Vegas area.
    Vegemite is something u have to try if you come to Australia a delacasy, but have it on bread with butter very nice.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassben View Post
    Vegemite is something u have to try if you come to Australia
    One can find this reasonably-odd-tasting condiment in many American stores -- To me it tastes like, powdered brewers yeast in paste form. I never did understand why anyone would eat it on purpose.


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