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  1. Default Your wisdom is needed! Cali to NJ in 9 days

    Hey all, my friend and I are college students planning to roadtrip from California to NJ (one way) leaving Santa Barbra, CA on Aug. 14th, and arriving in NJ on Aug. 22nd. So far all we have planned is staying the night in Vegas on the 14th and leaving the morning of the fifteenth... and from there on out I need the forum's collective wisdom about roads to traverse, places to experience, sites to see in this beautiful country.

    As for what interests us, the criteria is anything new, different, and/or exciting. We want to experience the small towns, the bustling cities, the breathtaking vistas, the unique flavor of regional cultures... everything and anything! I know that this is very broad, but that's what we're hoping to experience - the breadth of the diversity of the United States. Nothing is too small or too big. For example I would absolutely travel down to the Chesapeake Bay to sit back and relax on the porch of Waterman's Crab House, cracking open some Chesapeake Bay blue crab (...already done this, but I highly suggest this to anyone remotely close to the bay).

    I suspect that the absolute upper budget limit is 3000 dollars for both of us (good bye summer earnings :( ), but hold nothing back! we want to look back fondly on this adventure when we're old men passing around stories about the good 'ol days. Thank you for the listen roadtrip america!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    That budget sounds more than reasonable - will you be travelling in your own vehicle?

    What is your preferred method of lodging? One thing that you may have better luck with is meeting different people while camping versus staying in a hotel, though that's not a given.

    Since you are going to be in New Jersey permanently after this trip, and very close to many of the major cities in the United States, I would concentrate on those places that you may not have a chance to get to in the future. Just on a short list for me would be places such as Santa Fe, Austin, New Orleans. I'm sure in your new environment you'll be able to get into New York City and Philadelphia every now and then. I would think that by going to some of the more Southern cities that it could create a lack of time to do any real exploring, however. The trip is close to 3000 miles, or 6 days driving at a comfortable pace by the fastest route.

    As for the regional cultures: that is a strange thing, and travelling by Interstate sometimes it can be difficult to see just where the lifestyle of an area becomes...different.

    There is also nothing stopping you on this trip from heading over to the Chesapeake Bay area and staying a spell.

    Are there any places out West you'd absolutely want to see? I would definitely vote for the Grand Canyon, I would not want to miss that.

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