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    Default Auntie Merls Panic London Wild Rides:

    I'll get back to Auntie Merl.

    My mom was a Brit & technical writer during World War Two.
    She lived in England and worked for Disney.
    Disney made top secret classified wartime technical films for the British Military, and my mom was a big part of it.

    She was great, she wrote the best directions too.

    After the war, the British Gov't wouldn't allow money to leave the country, so Disney made the film Treasure Island, and brought the film out instead of the money they earned making technical films.

    My mom also worked for Disney on that film, and having married my American Bomber pilot dad, moved to the US and had a 37 year career with Disney.

    So back to London and my moms sister, Auntie Merl.
    Auntie Mearl loves Rovers, and she only knows on and off on the gas pedal.

    I flew over to the UK for the 49th aniv of "D" day, skipping the 50th to avoid the crowds and stayed with her.

    If ya ever did Mr. Toads Wild Ride at Disneyland, a panic auto run, scary dark ride through UK back roads, that is a good example of a drive with Auntie Merl.

    A sweetheart of an old lady, she was in the wheelhouse of the London Bombings, and lived to raise five fine boys.
    Old School British, respect for the Royal family is serious business with Auntie Merl & my mom.
    "A few dis-respectful reporters hangings would solve the Royal scandals". "And stretch that Dodie chaps fathers neck too while they're at it" are their takes.

    During my visit, we did a roadtrip to the places my mom and dad hung out during the war with Auntie Merl at the wheel of her Rover.
    4 wheel drifts around turns, trading door handles with other vehicles,, missing objects by a paintjob.

    One pub, near Lancaster, was the main hangout & still had my dads and his bomber crews signatures on the ceiling of the dart room.

    I had an Uncle that worked for Pan Am during the war, and my extended family in California and Arizona bootleg'd all kinds of cool, rationed-in-the-UK stuff - but available here, over to the pub via Pan Am.

    It was a well stocked pub.
    Grapes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, Calif. wine, champaign, canned ham,, a long list. My dads side of the family had ranches, farms & orchards, a Napa Vineyard, even Blue Cheeze from my Aunt Jean, a long list. A good source to draw from of lifes little luxuries, that ya really miss when they're gone. All bootleg'd over to my folks hangout.

    Stuff was in very short supply, tight rationing to the civilians.

    When I returned home to the US, I mentioned the pub to my dad.

    He asked about a few local people he said were regular customers of the pub & mentioned where they sat within the pub.
    They were still there, at their same spots when I visited.
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