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    Default chicago-- lake michigan and maybe superior?

    hi everyone, i'm new here but have already found loads of useful info.

    i've just moved back to the US after 6 years in the UK, bringing my brand new british husband. he's never done a proper road trip before, so we're thinking of taking a week or 10 days and heading north. he doesn't drive (yet), so it's all me driving. we haven't figured out if we'd like to try to go around the top of lake superior, or just do a loop into michigan's UP and then down.

    i'm from southwest michigan, so want to avoid spending loads of time in the LP, but we're both interested in maybe spending a night on mackinac island, and seeing the bridge. other than that, totally open.

    any suggested routes or stops? starting and finishing in chicago, and bonus points for a way home that isn't the 94 between kalamazoo and chicago as i've done it a million times.

    thanks in advance!

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    Default The UP is still on my "must-do" list

    Quote Originally Posted by lettezilla View Post
    i've just moved back to the US after 6 years in the UK, bringing my brand new british husband.
    Congratulations on the return "home" and upon your marriage! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! A trip around the UP is still on my must-do list, but here are some ideas. Also, Moderator Michael is our local expert on this region and so I expect you will hear from later this weekend.

    Even though you are married -- and presumably like being with each other... you may still want to take this compatibility quiz because the nature of roadtripping is quite different from normal travel (& talk about the results!!!) and you may also find that a shorter trip -- or one of our 20-hour trips would be an ideal way to start out.

    Here are a few threads that might get you started planning.

    An oldie but goodie from 2005
    A 10-day trip with a stop at Soos Locks
    Lake Michigan ideas
    Some more UP ideas

    Hope this gets you started.


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    First off Im from sw mich also so I wanna go with you-Ive done the UP and Superior loop and theres only one choice...ride around lake is absolutely awesome...first day mackinaw then the northern route across the up to duluth...then head north into canada and heaven begins...its a ride youll never forget and want to do it again-good road-light traffic-breathtaking scenery...just a great great trip

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    O I forgot the bonus points-take red arrow highway from kazoo to mich city indiana-really nice ride .....then 12 west

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    thanks for the tips, you two! certainly gives us something to think about.

    any idea how long it would take to go north along the wisconsin side of lake michigan, the west side of lake superior then all around lake superior coming into the UP at SSM, then driving south along the west coast of the LP? once i know how long the basics will take, there'll be more room for deciding where to expand and dawdle.

    interesting compatibility test, we both took it and feel pretty similarly about most things. we both think that food will be the number one sticking point-- i'm happy eating junk food when and wherever i stumble across, he'd rather eat better food he brings along with him. compromise by both is in order, i think.

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    its like 24 hrs on a crotch rocket...hee hee....but 5 days would be a good number

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    yeah, i was surprised when i mapped it out that going around lake superior only adds about 500 miles/11 hours. i suspect we'll go all the way around and then poke back into the UP, since i've never been up there either.

    does it make any sense at all to do either a day trip to mackinac island or one night only? i remember going for a week when i was a kid. i think my guy will find it interesting because it's so different, but can also imagine tiring of it quickly.

    we'll apparently be in thunder bay for the dragon boat races...sounds exciting to me! anyone know anything else weird or cool happening this week in this circuit?

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    prob the 2 prettiest rides in mich are 19 out of petosky and also up to copper harbor in the UP-especially on a bike-if ya get a chance do those-and Id do the day trip to mackinaw especially if your sons with you-the whole circle around the UP is just so relaxing and a great ride but riding around superior is fantastic-if you see a logging truck get out of the way-those guys dont mess around....


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