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  1. Default Omaha, NE to SoCal w/22' Truck!!

    Hey everyone, I could really use some help, please!

    I will be moving from Omaha, NE, to the San Bernardino area of Southern California, and I am unsure as to exactly what the best route to take is. Here are what I believe my options to be:

    1)I-80 West through WY to I-15 South.
    2)I-80 West through Denver, via 70/76, then to I-15 South.
    3)I-29 South (or similar N/S highway) to I-40 West, to I-15 South.
    (I hope these directions are intelligible enough for the sake of this discusion...!!)

    And here are what I believe to be the most important criteria, in order of importance, and thus, the heart of my dilemma:

    A)Interstate system suitability for a large, 22' box truck with a vehicle in tow (i.e. grades not TOO bad, don't wanna burn all my gas and upset alot of travelers behind me going 35mph uphill on the interstate!!!)
    B)Shortest drive time (I would really like to complete this trip in only 2 days!!!)
    C)Average amenities along the way suitable for a large truck (such as truck stops, etc... Probably not too much of a concern).

    Basically, my question in a nutshell is this - is it better to travel the northern route (I-80 to I-15 through WY) even though it would be slightly longer in distance, or to cut through Denver en route to catch I-15? We would really like to see the southern rockies (I will be traveling with my small family, although hurriedly...), but I'm not sure if that drive is the best idea for a 22' rental truck towing a vehicle behind.

    Please, help me!! We are leaving in a week, and I need to plan my Flying J stops. =)

    Thank you very, very much in advance!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As long as you are sticking to the Interstates, you shouldn't have any problems with grades. Even if you took I-70 and went through the heart of the rockies, you'll have plenty of power to make it over the hill. You'll probably not be able to go much over 35 mph for the short stretches were you are climbing the biggest hills, but you'll have plenty of company with other semi's and trucks that are doing the same thing. Just stay to the right lanes and it won't be a problem at all.

    Either option 1 or 2 will be fine for routes. Since you want to see the Rockies, I'd lean towards #2 (via I-70), but #1 would be fine too. Taking I-40 would be quite a ways out of your way, but if you wanted to go that route for the scenery, then I would go south at I-25 from Denver, not I-29 from Omaha.

    If you stick to the Interstates, you shouldn't have any problem finding places with services, but I would stick the truck stops because they typically have more space to manuver your large rig. Flying J's are good, as are TA, and Loves, among some others.

    The only big red flag I must raise is that there is no way you can make this trip with this setup in 2 days. The trip is over 1500 miles which is a solid 3 day drive to begin with. The truck and trailer combo will force you to drive at a slower speed and will be more fatiguing to drive. Even over 3 days, I would be shocked if you are spending less than 10 hours a day on the road.

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    Default I-80 is the "flattest"

    Quote Originally Posted by PureSlacker View Post
    Please, help me!! We are leaving in a week, and I need to plan my Flying J stops. =)
    Todd, Midwest Michael's advice is spot-on. The I-80 option is the usual choice of long-haul truckers, like Mike Booth, but either option will work OK for you.


  4. Default Great!!

    Thanks so much guys, this is exactly the type of advice I was searching for!!! And again, for such prompt response!!
    I think, then, that we will enjoy the scenery in Colorado. =) Although I have driven that route several times in a passenger car myself, my wife has never been further west than mid-Nebraska, and I know she will love the splendour of America's beautiful southwest. Thanks again, so much!

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