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  1. Default Traveling from LA to Indianapolis...I-40 or I-70?

    Hello! I am moving from LA to Indianapolis at the end of July and am driving my Ford Escape (packed to the brim with all of my belongings) out there.

    Mapquest has me going via I-40 for the bulk of the trip through AZ, NM, TX and OK (then to 44 up to 70) for a total of about 2060 miles. I was also considering taking 15 up through las vegas and then hitting I-70 and taking that all the way to Indy. That would total about 2090 miles.

    Any suggestions on what is the best route? Easiest on the car, less boring, etc. I figure in the dead of summer going I-40 might be hot as all get out, but then again I figure I-70 is pretty mountainous going through Colorado.

    Any tips are welcome, this is my first time driving across the country and I am going solo and on a bit of a time crunch, so I am a bit nervous.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I like the I-70 route, as it takes you right through the heart of the spectacular scenery in Utah and Colorado, and that would probably be the route I would take.

    But I-40 has some nice things to see too, takes you by many of the classic route 66 towns, and has some cool natural attractions in its own right.

    There really is really no wrong answer here, and when you are talking about a difference of just 30 miles over a 2000 mile trip, its unlikely you'd see any significant difference in the time the trip takes choosing one route over the other.

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    The trip through Colorado isn't as tough as you might think. There are only two high passes (Vail and Loveland) and being on the Interstate, they aren't that bad. Most of the route through the mountains follows the river so you get some wonderful canyon views. The scenery is certainly beautiful in the desert SW, too, so it is your choice.

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