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    Default Please Advise: DC-SF over 10 days in Aug


    Trolling for advice on a trip my girlfriend and I are planning for next month. She is moving out of the country at the end of August. On or about Aug 15 we will leave DC to take her car to her mother's place outside San Francisco. We have about 10 days for the trip.

    I was born, raised, and educated in the Northeast and have lived in Southern Africa for the last 5 years. I have little to no experience of the midwest and west coast. And only a bit more regional familiarity with the southern states.

    We are looking for must see things to consider in our planning, understanding that our time is short.

    Our first thought has been to get from DC to Memphis right out of the gate. Spend a day in Memphis and then let the trip unfold from there. Generally preferring to take a southerly route to the West Coast. A stopover in Las Vegas is also a priority. Very interested in national parks, historically significant places, and quirky americana.

    A more northerly route is still under consideration since we are both political junkies and are entertaining the possibility of going through Iowa to drop in for two days on some of the early presidential campaigning there.

    Any guidance?

    Many thanks,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Instead of going all the way to Iowa to get your political fix, you might try stopping in South Carolina on your way from DC to Memphis. SC's primary is right after Iowa and New Hampshire, and the early political campaigning is in full force there already.

    It would also be a very good stop because it would break that first part of your trip. DC to Memphis is 876 miles and will take more than 16 hours - which is probably more than you'll want to travel on the first day of your trip. You've got plenty of time to sightsee by alloting 10 days for this trip, so there really no need to risk burning yourself out on the very first day.

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