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  1. Default San Juan Islands, WA...are they worth it?

    Hey all,

    I'm taking 10 days in august to hit the Northwest in a Westfalia camper van. Our tentative route is Vancouver, Victoria, Olympic Nat'l Park, the coast of Washington and Oregon, Corvalis(I have family there), Portland, and finishing in Bellingham. We thought about hitting the San Juan Islands too, but we are already strapped for time, and I worry if we hit the San Juan islands one of the other spots might be compromised. In your expert opinions, is missing the San Juan Islands on a roadtrip throughout the Northwest a mistake? I've read some reviews of people saying its just alright. Is there any validity to these reviews? Please I need some insight!! Thanks in advance.

  2. Default If you're pushed for time...

    Hello rscott12,

    The San Juan Islands are one of my very favorite places to visit. But if you're pressed for time, you may not want to visit. The islands are beautiful, with tall trees, blue waters around them, and rocky beaches. But, unless you take some time to unwind and walk and watch the waters and waves and nature, or fish or .... -- you'd be pushed.

    I assume you'd be heading to Friday Harbor or Orcas? If you can spend a day or so unwinding, maybe... but other than that there's nothing amazingly touristy about them. There's the old Pig War historic site on San Juan Island (near Friday Harbor), a whale musuem and some small stores and restaurants there, and some places on Orcas (like the Rosario Resort), and Mt Constitution (also on Orcas). The ferry lines getting from Anacortes can be nasty....

    If you'd like to experience a bit of the San Juan Islands, you can try the San Juan Islands Commuter boat service out of the Bellingham. This isn't a ferry -- its a passenger boat that goes from Bellingham out to San Juan Island, with "flag stops" potentially at several other islands. This is the local boat service to drop people, mail, and groceries off, or pick them up on some of the lesser San Juan Islands. You can usually link this up with a Whale watching expedition out of Friday Harbor. But its an all day trip on the boat.

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