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  1. Default Where to stop between Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree?

    Hi all,

    Have started a new thread for this specific question (meantime thanks for all the replies to my previous thread...)

    We are staying at the South rim of Grand Canyon on night of 28th July. Morning of 29th (9am) we have booked a helicopter ride over the Canyon, then night of 30th July we are booked into the Twenty Nine Palms Inn (Joshua Tree National Park)

    So in a nutshell I'm looking for advice on where to go on the 29th and where to stopover that night? Currently planning to visit Flagstaff and Sedona area during the day, but thinking best to get closer to 29 Palms for the overnight stop so we have more time to check out the Joshua Tree park on the 30th when we get there

    Any suggestions of good places to stay in this direction? Looking at a map there's nothing obvious so would welcome your thoughts (Kingman? Lake Havasu City?)

    And anything else we should plan to do/see on the way? Is it worth going out to the Petrified Forest or is this a bit out of our way?

    many thanks

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    Default Petrified Forest

    Looking at the map, the round trip from Flagstaff to Petrified Forest would be four hours. Since you are planning to explore other areas during the day, I think your best bet would be to head West from where you will be.

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    Default Route 66 vs. Prescott/Jerome/Parker

    You could go to Flagstaff (Lowell Observatory is a nice place to visit). Drive to Sedona via Oak Creek Canyon turn around and go back to Flagstaff. Take I-40 west to Williams (nice town) and continue west on I-40. At Seligman, switch to Route 66 and drive to Kingman. The Grand Canyon Caverns, which is between Seligman and Kingman, is a fun tour but it costs money. Continue Route 66 to Needles passing through Oatman. Note: This stretch if Route 66 is a very slow drive because it is a winding, hilly, road that is barely two-lanes wide. If you don't want to do Oatman, then you can take I-40 to Needles, which would allow for a short detour to Lake Havasu. Needles is not much of a town, but it does have motels. On the next day, take I-40 west a few miles and then continue Route 66 until you head south for Twentynine Palms.

    Another option is to go to Flagstaff. Head south through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona. Continue south/southwest to Jerome and Prescott. Continue south to Congress. The drive between Prescott and Congress is a scenic drive. At Congress, go west on AZ Hwy-71 a handful of miles to US Hwy-60 and head west to AZ Hwy-72. Go north/northwest to Parker for the night. The drive between Parker is Twentynine Palms on CA Hwy-62 is 100 miles long and it passes through zero towns. (road sign)

  4. Default I'd estimate this higher..

    Quote Originally Posted by Mass Tim View Post
    Looking at the map, the round trip from Flagstaff to Petrified Forest would be four hours. Since you are planning to explore other areas during the day, I think your best bet would be to head West from where you will be.
    I'd estimate this trip as longer.. It'd be around 2 hours each way, plus any stops, plus at least 1-2 hours in the Petrified Forest. And it would be a shame not to at least stop and get a picture "standing on the corner" in Winslow, Arizona, or visiting the Meteor Crater, or picking up some souveiner chunks of petrified wood at one of the rock shops near Holbrook. So its pretty much an all day trip...

  5. Default Places to consider staying..

    For a place about half way between 29 Palms and Grand Canyon Village, there aren't a lot of options.

    Needles CA, is an OK place to stay, but nothing amazing. There's a few route 66 themed places there. (Suggestion-- get gas in Nevada or Arizona instead of in Needles. For some reason, gas in Needles is substantially higher priced.)

    About 30-40 minutes north of Needles is Laughlin, which is a resort/ casino town on the Colorado River. Lots of hotels here, a bit of a mini Las Vegas experience with the casinos and shows, but Vegas is an order of magniture larger and with much more things to do.

    There are also places to stay in Lake Havasu, but I have very little experience there. It's about 30-40 minutes south of the interstate, also along the Colorado.

  6. Default Thanks

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We have decided to stay in Scottsdale overnight (largely because I can get free accommodation there with my Hilton points).
    I guess we'll see how we go with the timing whether we go out to Petrified forest or just spend the day in the Sedona/Flagstaff area...

    Will try to post a report on the trip when we get back to let people know how we got on...!


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