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    Default Poor Reds - Highway 49, California

    My dad is still alive and lives off Highway 49 in Northern California.
    According to AAA, Northern California begins at the Oakland Alameda Stadium.
    And that has nothing to do with this thread.
    But visiting him I stumbled upon Poor Reds.

    It's located near the town of Eldorado Calif, in the vicinity of Sutters Mill.

    It was once a stagecoach stop, and is still in the orig., unique split level building.
    The split level even divides the bar.
    A beautiful area to visit.

    The story goes that Red and some of his boozing buddies bought the place because they drank so much at local bars, it was the logical, economical thing to do.
    I've heard other reasons,, but I like that one the best.

    Over time, Red bought out the interests as his partners died.

    Red himself passed away not to long ago, and had no heirs.

    So,, the genuine story is he left the business to his hardest working employee. That's true.

    Reds has a 5 item barbeque menu that is OK quality, cheap drinks, and a Cocktail is served in a 12 oz glass, with a 5 oz sidecar.
    Always a fun place to visit is the main reason to go.

    Hi 49 Eldorado Calif.
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