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    My wife and 2 kids ages 7 and 12 have 6 days to drive from Cleveland to Badlands. We're from NYC and I have booked rooms for every night from Brooklyn to Cleveland and then Badlands to Santa Fe, NM. We'll be staying in Badlands then 2 days Keystone/Custer to 1 night in Sheridan to 1 1 night in Cody to 5 days in Yellowstone, 2 in GT 1 day Nephi, Ut, 2 days Zion, 2 days North Rim, 1 day Holbrook, 3 days Santa fe, and then back to NYC.

    Which leads me to posting this message. I don't want to spend lots of money in Chicago, and will probably drive through with a visit to the Hancock Building and then stay in a motel west of Chicago.

    We'll visit Mitchell, SD, and Chamberlain. But where else can we visit/stay on a 6 day drive from Cleveland to Badlands.

    We love nature and are staying in motels averaging $85 per night.

    Any suggestions between Cleveland and Badlands would be appreciated.

    Suggestions from Memphis to Washington DC would also be appreciated.



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    Default Midwest Oddities

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are lots of fun things you could stop and see as you make your way west on I-90. This thread goes through some great oddities you'll find in this section of the country.

    I would say that spending at least a day in Wisconsin Dells could be lots of fun. Between the water parks, the odd ball attractions, the shopping, and the natural beauty that first prompted the development of the area, it could be a nice spot to break up your drive.

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    If you want to stay cheap in Chicago I would check out possibly hotwire, which usually seems to have the best hotel deals or for a local source, look at the radio shopping show which offers hotels with 50% or more discount around the midwest. You can listen to the show over the internet so you don't need to live around here to get the discounts. It also has 50% or greater discount tickets to attractions in the Chicago area.

    To guarantee free parking in the Chicago area I would look outside the city for housing then of course.

    On the way to the Badlands things we have enjoyed seeing are the Spam musuem, Jolly Green Giant statue, and the Mitchell Corn Palace. In La Crosse, WI is the world's largest six pack.

    Since you have kids a stop at Ella's Deli in Madison, WI is a must and is close by the highway. It has a ton of old time toys that go across the ceiling and toys put into the tables. Young and old are guaranteed a good time.
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  4. Default Cleveland to Badlands

    Thanks Midwest Michael and Etoiles,

    I followed both of your suggestions and logged onto the radio shopping show. From there, I found information about The Dells, and now plan to spend two, possibly three days there before we head to SD.

    Thanks again.


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    Default A little history


    Sounds like you have a great trip ahead of you.

    It looks like the most expedient route from Memphis to DC, is I-40 to I-81. Along that route are a few things that might be of interest.

    First, east of Nashville is the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home. It is notable because it is almost completely furnisthed with Jackson's own posessions. The tour is fascinating and you get the feeling that Jackson could walk through the door at any moment.

    Second, Fort Loudoun State Historic Site in Vonore, TN (SW of Knoxville) is a great reconstruction of an early fort that was used to "pacify" the local Indians. The buildings and staff do a very good job of representing life at that time. The lake that now surrounds most of the site is beautiful (there was no lake there 100 years ago). Just down the street is Sequoia's birthplace. If you don't know anything about him, a little research will be eye-opening.

    Third, you'll be going right by Rocky Mount Museum near Johnson City, TN. The museum is a fun living history experience, especially for kids, where you meet a "family" from the frontier days, talk to them about their life and the events of the time, and see a variety of household chores performed by the family.

    Fourth, Tuckaleechee caverns, on the NW side of the Great Smokies, is a fun cave to tour.

    Finally, If you haven't been to the Frontier Cultue Museum in Staunton, VA, it is also a worthwhile stop. First you see reconstructed farmsteads from Germany, Ireland and England to show the cutural origins of the immigrants to that area. Then you visit an American homestead where you see the similarities and differences. Each is staffed with highly skilled reenactors portraying people of the time. Very interesting, entertaining, and educational.

    All of these, except the caverns, we're proud to have in our book. We were amazed how many such places you can find all over that part of the country. Of course, you have many, many similar places close to D.C. that we also loved.

    Have a great time, but don't push the kids too hard.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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