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    Default SF to Yellowstone to Las Vegas - two weeks?

    Hi, we've been reading this site with interest as we plan our next trip to the USA. We spent two weeks in California last summer, visiting San Diego, LA, Yosemite and San Francisco amongst other places.

    Our rough plan for our next trip is to fly into San Francisco at the end of August, then to see a little of the area north of SF, then heading across California through Nevada City and Lake Tahoe to Reno. Then heading across Nevada and up to Boise, Idaho. Then across seeing the Sawtooth mountains and the Craters of the Moon National Park on our way to Yellowstone where we intend spending a few days. We then head south through Grand Tetons to Salt Lake City, and then onwards via Zion National Park to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas where we'll spend the last few days of our trip.

    We can only take two weeks or thereabouts away from work, so would stay 14 or 15 nights. The wonder of Google maps puts the above route at about 2,100 miles. This is the route so far.

    A few questions, where we'd really appreciate your help:
    - Is this a reasonable distance in two weeks, with a few days in Yellowstone and in Vegas?
    - Is this a good route - are there any better roads we should be using?
    - Is there plenty to see?
    - Any alternative routes?

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    Default SF to Vegas via Yellowstone and others!

    Hi, I originally posted this on the Fall/Winter forum, but that seems rather quieter than this one, and I guess early September could be summer!

    [Editor's Note: By convention, we deem September road trips to be Fall, so your thread is back here...]
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    Default Howdy!

    Good evening, Mr Ben, welcome to RoadTrip America. Cool name BTW, tell me it's your real name, please?? :)

    First thing I was gonna mention was 'one-way' charges when it comes to the car but I see from your reply elsewhere that you're already aware of them. Out of interest, is there a one-way fee between San Francisco and Las Vegas?

    It looks an interesting route, not an area that I know a huge amount about myself yet, but there are many many threads on this very forum which should answer many of your questions (use the searchbox to the left of screen)

    There is a fair amount of driving in your route but, if you've done a similar trip last year, you will have a fair idea of how many hours you are comfortable spending in the saddle each day.

    One thing I noticed is that the Grand Canyon is not shown on your map, when were you planning on heading there?

    -Is there plenty to see?
    Oh yes, most definately! A couple of other places, not too far off your route, which you may want to consider (whilst keeping a close eye on the mileage vs the time available to you) might include Death Valley National Park, Bonneville Salt Flats, Moab (Canyonlands and Arches National Parks), Monument Valley and Glen Canyon NRA.

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    Hi Craig, thanks for your reply. Sadly, my first name is simply Ben, but I've been known as MrBen for years!

    Interestingly, the one way rental charges don't seem to apply if you rent and return within California, Nevada and Arizona, which is partly why we decided on the route we have.

    I seem to have posted the version of the map without the Grand Canyon, we've looked at a few ways of including this - it does seem to add quite a bit on to the distance. One idea is to follow the route posted, and then once in Vegas we can decide if we want to head out to the Grand Canyon, or if we've just had enough of driving!

    We managed to cover 1600 miles in 11 days last year, without really feeling like we spent a lot of time in the car, so I think the distance we're planning should be do-able. The only section i'm not looking forward to is from Reno through to Boise. There doesn't seem to be anything much in between, so I guess it'll just be a day's slog behind the wheel.

    I'll take a look at your other suggestions, to see if we might be able to fit in any more places.


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    Default Grand Canyon Side Trip

    Hi Ben,
    Sounds like a great trip. We did a trip from San Fran to San Diego and out to Las Vegas a few years ago and loved it. I would rate the Grand Canyon as one of the best things we did on the trip but we actually did a tour that left from Las Vegas that lasted half a day. We did the helicopter tour that flies you out over Hoover Dam, over Lake Mead and then down into the Grand Canyon where we landed on the canyon floor for a light lunch. We then flew back where they took us for a birds eye view of the famous LV strip before landing. It was well worth every dollar spent.
    So if you want something to break up the drive, I would highly recommend this tour. I'm not sure if I can list company names on this forum so PM me if you want the name of the tour company.

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